Download & restore original Windows XP Themes


Majority of Windows XP users are familiar and prefer use to default (original) XP theme look. If your XP themes has gone corrupt or missing, then ‘Restore XP themes’ package can get back all original XP themes. It is a download-able package with original default Windows XP themes.


The package contains all five official themes that were made for Windows XP, therefore no patching is required. Grab the original theme package and restore any of the default Windows XP theme with ease. Download RestoreXPthemes [4.2 MB, only for Windows XP] – you may need 7Zip to open the download archive file.



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    I used a slip streamed version of XP to re-install the OS on my wife’s pc without remembering that I configured the XP install disk to “optimize performance” (using n-lite) and I guess it did not take the themes with it and so, the “XP Theme” (luna) is not available. I installed “restoreXPthemes” and things are back to “normal” and I don’t have to convince her that things are better without the fancy graphical crap…

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