BitDefender Chat Encryption, Safe IM chat from hijack


Just like operating system, instant messenger conversation is also prone to malicious threats. Someone might hijack and know all about your personal IM conversations. BitDefender Chat Encryption tool helps in safer IM experience and prevents hijacking.


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It provides IM privacy by securing all your communications via Yahoo Messenger 8 and Windows Live Messenger 8.5 applications. There is no need for any password or settings configuration, it works automatically when an IM conversation is initiated. To use this tool you need to make sure people you are talking to, also install same encryption tool.

You for sure can convince family and close friends to install this free tool for secure IM experience. It works fine on Windows XP / Vista computer and is compatible with Yahoo! Messenger v8 or above and Windows Live Messenger v8.5 or above. Download BitDefender Chat Encryption


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