Web Based Unofficial MySpace IM for Mac Users


“… IM your MySpace friends any time, One-click login, instant alerts for all requests, messages and much more”.

These are few features of downloadable MySpace IM to stay connect with MySpace friends.

But this version is only available for Windows users (win 2000/XP/Vista). What about MAC users? Well, Unofficial MyspaceIM is a cool alternative for MySpace MAC users.

No download or installation is required. It is a web based MySpace IM without any bells and whistles. Login using MySpace ID and you are all set to chat with your MySpace friends.

Unofficial MySpaceIM is a much needed alternative for MAC users. Even Window users can use this, if they hate download and installing Official MySpace IM software on their computer!

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  1. i need help getting myspace im on my mac, step by step directions would be very helpful. thank you to whom ever can help

  2. My MYSPACE IM quit working I think it has to do with Having VISTA I need help! Some one plz help me!

  3. I cant figure this out! My Myspace quit working and it has to do with VISTA How do i fix it?

  4. Thank you so much for posting this! I usually use ebuddy to get on myspaceIM because I’m a mac user. Ebuddy is never consistent and won’t let me log in all the time. this site seems so much more dependable. thank you so much! :D

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