How to send private Scraps on Orkut


For starters: Scraps are messages that one Orkut user can send to other user in their profile. Ideally, a scrap is visible to every user linked to your Orkut profile. From now on, you can send private scraps which is only visible to Orkut user you are sending the scrap. Further, recipient can reply to private scrap with reply only visible to you – resulting into complete private conversation between two Orkut users.

Post private Orkut scraps to specific user

1. Login into your Orkut account at

2. Then goto Scrap (book) of Orkut user whom you want to send (private) scrap.

3. Write the message for the scrapbook and select “Only to me and him” option from drop down box next to “visible to” option.

4. Click on “Post” button. This scrap will be only visible to specific sender and receiver. It will also have lock icon indicating scrap is visible only to selected friends. [via Orkut Blog]



  1. thanx a lot!

  2. chetan parmar says

    thanks 4 help

  3. if you are using olderversion of orkut try below:

    <img src ="” width = height =

    width and height are the number indicating the width and height of the image for better quality

  4. Isn’t it available for mobile orkut users??


  6. pardeeplovesu says

    yaar new orkut mai available hai for sure

  7. Abhishek Sharma says

    hey u can see that option in new version of orkut as it is not available in older version

  8. it is not visible

  9. there is no such option in my scrapbook.wat 2 do nw???

  10. there is no “visible to” option is there nw wht to do???

  11. Unable to get the option….pls explain hw to add in new orkut

  12. pls convert ur orkut page in new orkut then its works other in old page its cants works….for more info contact me on

  13. I don’t see this option

  14. i cant see option ………….

  15. I don’t see this option in my scrapbook. :|

  16. why this fecility is not availabe in new orkut ? thats bad.i like old orkut

  17. For me…d “visible to” option is invisible….Wat 2 do ?

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