Stop google from using google+ profile photo & name in ads

Google has updated terms of services with an important change of Shared Endorsements in Ads option "How your Profile name and photo may appear (including in reviews and advertising)". This option of "Shared Endorsements" allow Google to use your Google+ profile name and photo in

How to make Skype Profile Photo private & hidden

Every Skype user can select one image to display as default Skype profile photo. You can upload specific image from computer or click via attached webcam. By default, profile photo is visible to every Skype user. So if someone searches for your name in Skype program, your photo will

Stop public from commenting on Facebook Cover photos

With introduction of timeline layout for Facebook profiles, cover photos have become essential part of the overall profile (and of course ideal way to show off creativity). One major limitation of cover photos uploaded on Facebook is their "Public" visibility. Any Facebook user can view

Make specific photos private in public album on Facebook

Feature that allows specific photos to be private within a public album has existed for some time on Facebook. However, majority of Facebook users are unaware of this feature that allows changing privacy settings of individual photos within selected photo albums. This means, whole album

Can I remove Download button from photos on Facebook

Facebook has been adding lot of enhancements to photos section. Every photo you upload has 'Download' button allowing quick downloading of current photo on Facebook website. Hence, any user who has access to view specific photos will get to see 'download' button and can use it to download

Disable & prevent Google Docs file downloading

Privacy and security of documents is very important whether they are created offline using Microsoft Office program or made online using Google Docs service. There is constant worry of securing documents containing sensitive information. Google Docs users can tighten control on documents

How to Hide email address on Facebook profile

Facebook profile and privacy settings change all the time. There are few basic privacy settings that you should control like hiding profile from Google and other search engines for your account. You can also enforce strict control and prevent revealing of Email ID associated with your

Remove Google+ Plus profile from search engines

Google+ is great way to network with friends online. You can create dedicated Google+ Plus profile complete with your profile photo and personal details. However, due to privacy concerns few users may want to restrict access to information on Google+ Plus profile. By default, all Google+

Disable Facebook Facial Recognition for Photo tagging

It may sound intrusive but Facebook has automatically turned ON Facial Recognition feature by default for every user. Facial Recongnition technology is used by Facebook to find photos resembling your face and suggesting them automatically to friends for tagging you. With every photo

Enable / disable Instant Personalisation on Facebook

Now you can customize web browsing experience on the basis of your Facebook activity using Instant personalisation feature on Facebook. This feature use public information of your Facebook profile to customize content accordingly on specific partner websites. This allows display of content

How to UnBlock person on Facebook

You may not want to be friend to every other person on Facebook and only add known people to Facebook profile. You can easily block people on Facebook, whom you do not want to interact on Facebook. However while using this block feature, you may accidentally block and report Facebook user

Privacy tools & settings of Google services

User privacy and data sharing is very important for every online concern. Majority of users: register, provide information, use different Google services like Youtube, Chrome, Search and more. You can control and learn about privacy settings for each Google service on single webpage