Disable Facebook ‘places’ to hide location from friends

Facebook Places is a geolocation feature that allows Facebook users to share their current location or place with other Facebook friends. We have already seen quick and easy procedure to use Facebook Places feature to share your location. Few users may want to turn off this feature due to

How to send private Scraps on Orkut

For starters: Scraps are messages that one Orkut user can send to other user in their profile. Ideally, a scrap is visible to every user linked to your Orkut profile. From now on, you can send private scraps which is only visible to Orkut user you are sending the scrap. Further, recipient

Best & simple Facebook Privacy settings

Facebook had lot of attention due to 'not so private' privacy controls in recent times. It has now rolled out new interface to manage Privacy Settings of your Facebook profile. Newer interface allows easy viewing of which part of the profile is being shared with which group of Facebook

Auto reset Facebook privacy settings to ‘Friends Only’

Facebook keeps changing privacy settings after every few days. With huge list of existing privacy settings, configuring them wastes lot of time of an average Facebook user. As a result, many Facebook users tend to ignore them and do not bother to configure privacy settings. Now you can

How to block friends on Facebook

On Facebook, one can find and make number of friends by exploring profiles, sending friend requests. However, often we receive friend requests from people that do not interest us. So, how do you stop a person from becoming your friend on facebook? You can easily achieve this by blocking

How to Lock Windows PC [keyboard & shorcut icon]

There are times while at office or home that you need to move away from computer. However, you cannot shut down computer during that time. If you log off from PC, all applications running in the background are closed, you may not want to close current applications. Best way to deal with

Remove Facebook profile from Google Search

Do you want to block your Facebook account from appearing on Google Search? If your Facebook profile is set to public, anyone can search for and discover it using simple Google Search. Many users have Facebook profile strictly for private networking with friends and family members. In such

Wipe last login username from Windows login prompt

In a multi user Windows environment, Windows login prompt shows the last logged in username. If you are concerned about security and want to hide tracks - you can wipe out the last logged in username display using "Clear Name" utility. Download Clear Name utility, unzip the file and

Hide Firefox title text & favicon – privacy at workplace!

... many people looking over on your screen while you surf your favorite websites? You can add little privacy and prevent co-workers from guessing websites you are currently surfing by hiding the title bar text and favicon of websites you open. You can easily do this within Firefox browser

Protect spreadsheet & select who can edit it

Google Docs Spreadsheet has added a new feature of 'Sheet protection'. It allows you to invite and select people who can edit and build on content of a spreadsheet document. For example, you have list of 5 friends who can help you build on contents of a spreadsheet file. However, you trust

Open your Facebook profile to everyone

Facebook profile settings get a new feature bump that allows you to open your Facebook profile to everyone. This is a welcome addition to Facebook users who wants to connect with more people, like business user profiles. To get started, just go to your privacy page and change the settings

Update Privacy policy for Google Interest based ads

Google is all set to roll out 'Interest based ads'. This platform use previous user interaction experience with a website and serve ads accordingly (based on specific user interest). So, if you are serving Adsense ads on your blog or website - its time to update privacy policy