Photo Slideshow of Orkut images

If you find viewing photos on Orkut boring and clumsy, then new photo slideshow feature bump should please you. Orkut has added 2 new features for viewing photos. First, you can view photos in-line without having to refresh webpage or open new webpage for next image. Easy to use

Share on Orkut bookmarklet for IE, Firefox, Chrome browser

Orkut went little more social with recent radical makeover. Just like share on Twitter, share on Facebook buttons, you can use "Share on Orkut" button to quickly share any webpage or online content with Orkut friends in a single click. We have already seen way to add 'Share on Orkut'

Add Share on Orkut button on WordPress blog

Orkut went for extreme makeover and got little closer to Facebook. Besides user interface changes, new features were also introduced. Just like Facebook and Twitter, now you can also add 'Share on Orkut' button to your Wordpress blog. A click on Share on Orkut button will post specific

Customize New Orkut look with more Colors

Orkut recently went for a makeover which was more colorful and refreshing. Orkut has added more options (aka colors) to customize your Orkut profile look. Instead of 5 colors now there are over 35 colors to chose from to color your Orkut profile page. How to Change color of Orkut

How to get New Orkut invite

Orkut is hugely popular social networking website in India and Brazil. This Google service just had a refreshing makeover. New Orkut is fresh, crisp and super quick while you access friend scraps, testimonials, photos and much more. Are you still stuck with old Orkut interface? Join

Switch between Old & New Orkut design

Its been 24 hours trying out new Orkut design. Besides being refreshing, now Orkut pages loads much quicker than before. While new design is all cool, some users may still want to stick to old Orkut design. Checkout following quick ways to toggle between old and new Orkut design. Switch

How to add Orkut friends to Facebook account

Are you one of many social networking lovers switching from Orkut to Facebook? Facebook has made it all easy for Orkut users to join Facebook and bring along Orkut friends to their new Facebook account. It has new feature that allows you to import Orkut friends to Facebook account and stay

Full Screen Video Chat with Orkut friends

Google is all busy rolling out video chat feature in different Google services. So, after video chat in Gmail inbox and iGoogle startpage - similar feature is live for Orkut users. Now you can (full screen) video chat with Orkut friends one on one with ease while browsing Orkut. Start

Chat with multiple Orkut friends at the same time

Staying connected with Orkut friends has become more easy with improvements in chat feature. After login into Orkut account, you will see floating chat window at the bottom left part of the webpage. Using this, you can see online Orkut friends and click on any listed contact to start chat

Face detection & auto fill for photo tagging on Orkut

Photo Tagging allows you to identify 'many' persons in a group photo and helps you tagg individual faces with their respective names (and Orkut profiles). Orkut has now introduced "Face Detection" to make photo tagging process real easy. This feature will attempt to recognize faces in

Take Orkut profile & friends to Friend Connect websites

Google Friend Connect service was launched a while back, it allows you to add social networking features to any website or blog with quick addition of small code. Google has now integrated Friend Connect with Orkut profiles. This means, you can login into Friend Connect feature on