Ways to download & save full copy of Wikipedia offline

Wikipedia.org is a huge resource for online information. It has updated and relevant information about virtually every topic of user interest. Ideally, you can open specific Wikipedia article page and goto File > Save As in the web browser for an offline copy of that Wikipedia page.

Solve Math equations with Microsoft Mathematics

Are you confused while trying to solve complex pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, physics, chemistry or calculus problems? You can easily get going with Math equations and formulas using Microsoft Mathematics program. It is a free software program from Microsoft for Windows users to solve

Create online question tests with Zoho Challenge

Zoho has been healthy competitor to Google Docs for providing rich online Word processing and other features. It has an online service "Zoho Challenge" that is ideal for schools, teachers, coaching centers and organizations. It allows you to create online (question & answer) tests with

Calculate LCM, HCF, GCD of numbers online

For starters, LCM stands for Least Common Multiple while HCF stands for Highest Common Factor and GCD stands for Greatest Common Divisor. These are important terms used in mathematical calculation of numbers. Are you looking for LCM / HCF online calculators for quick and easy calculation

Free FITS Image viewer & editor software

FITS stands for Flexible Image Transport System. It is a digital file format used to store, transmit, and manipulate scientific and other images in astronomy. FV is a free software program to open, view and edit FITS images files. It supports number of editing features like: compute

Improve Math skills with Math Ninja game

Maths is a scary subject for many of us. How about improving Math skills and have fun at the same time? Math Ninja is a cool game that can tickle your brain to solve easy and not so easy Math problems. It pops a Math problem involving addition, subtraction, division and more. Type your

Check if number is prime & see Factors of non-prime number

Teaching kids is no easy task, sometime even a simplest of task can be huge for parents. For example: checking if a specific number is prime or not. Also, checking factors of the number if specific number is not a prime number. Are you looking for help in this regard of prime numbers and

Solve Math integration problems online at Wolfram

Wolfram has been in news for being next Google Killer. Well, its not a Google Killer but for sure a killer web application for knowledge based searching. Besides the main knowledge based search functionality, Wolfram also has a dedicated Online Integrator at Wolfram Mathematica

Periodic Table elements on computer [chemistry]

If you are Chemistry student - Periodic table is very familiar part of your course. Infact it is the base to know and understand aspects of various elements discovered till now. Periodic Table Explorer brings your chemistry periodic table fully loaded with all elements on your

Improve Vocabulary online [useful fun learning]

Vocabulary, yeah - this is a heavy loaded term that can have different content and meaning for different people. Incase you are looking for an easy way to improve vocabulary of different words, then head over to Vocaber. It is an online repository of useful information that allows fun

Google Internet Bus teaching internet in motion

Number of new users enter in the world of internet but this addition is rather slow as compared to actual potential. Google is doing its bit in this regard with Google Internet Bus. This internet bus will travel and zoom away several towns and cities across India. "... The Internet

Download or Order free Microsoft inspired posters

Do you want to spice up walls in your classroom with some inspirational education stuff from Microsoft? Well, then checkout free posters from Microsoft. These poster are meant for your classroom