Periodic Table elements on computer [chemistry]


If you are Chemistry student – Periodic table is very familiar part of your course. Infact it is the base to know and understand aspects of various elements discovered till now. Periodic Table Explorer brings your chemistry periodic table fully loaded with all elements on your computer.


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In colorful interface you can browse various elements and click on any element to see finer details. For example click on Hydrogen (H) to see various details like: melting point, critical temperature, color, state, group name. It also shows graphs of important element properties, biographies of important scientists and element discoverers, electron shell diagrams of each element.

You can test drive the online version of Periodic table and also download the full application for offline use on any computer at your home, school or college. Chemistry made little easy with Periodic Table explorer, tryout!



  1. Try out instead. More visualizations and options, and no download required. Be sure to click through the tabs.

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