View & Edit Outlook auto complete entry Nk2 list


Everytime you type an email address while sending email using Outlook, it is added to auto complete entry list. Next time you type similar email ID, you will get auto complete suggestion to complete the email address quickly. NK2View is a handy utility that allows you to view and edit entries in that Outlook auto complete entry list.


By default it is stored at [Your Profile]\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook and saved as the profile name of Outlook with .NK2 extension. This utility display list of email records as contained in auto Outlook list. Besides viewing these records you can edit and add new records after taking backup of existing list. You can also export the list as HTML, XML, text file. Download NK2View to view and edit auto complete list for faster Outlook experience.



  1. I like this FREE tool. It rebuilds the Outlook NK2 auto complete cache from the sent items.

    Easy to use and very sweet.

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