Pin & display favorite Skype contacts at top of the list

Majority of Skype users have lot of contacts added to Skype including Facebook friends (through Facebook integration and login) and Outlook contacts. We generally tend to talk or chat in Skype with handful of contacts on regular basis. Scrolling down the contacts list and looking for

Disable auto add of Contacts in Gmail

Have you ever checked 'Other Contacts' in Contacts section of your Gmail inbox? It must be filled with lot of email ID contacts which you do not intend to add to your contacts list. Everytime you send an email to new email ID (contact), it is automatically added to 'other contacts' in

Recover accidentally deleted Gmail contacts

Did you accidentally delete contact(s) from contact list in your Gmail account? You can easily recover deleted Google contacts using 'Restore contacts' feature. Just like System Restore feature in Windows, you can restore contacts list to any previous time like 10 minutes ago, 1 hour ago,

Add Skype contacts / friends to Facebook

If you happen to use both Skype and Facebook, then you can easily expand your Facebook network with Skype friends. Facebook's find friend feature allows you to search your Skype contacts not on Facebook. You can selectively invite Skype friends to join and network with you

Backup & restore contacts in Skype

For starters: Skype contacts refer to ID of friends added in Skype. You use these contacts to make video / voice calls and text chats with friends in Skype. You may want to backup contacts listing of your Skype for safe keeping. In an event of system or service crash, you can always

Sort Gmail contacts by first & last name

Gmail contacts contain names. description and emails IDs of users whom you interact via email messages. With large number of contacts, managing them can be a big task. Besides merging duplicate Gmail contacts, you can sort them by first and last name for easier management. Sort contacts

How to create Friend list in Facebook

In Facebook when someone updates his/her profile , you can see it.  The updates of your friends, family members and other contacts are all shown together. You can see updates separately from selective group of friends and family members (or Facebook contacts). This is possible by creating

Import Facebook & Gmail contacts to Yahoo Mail

If you are a regular Yahoo Mail user, then get goodness of your contacts on other social websites into Yahoo. This can be easily done by importing contacts and email addresses on other popular services like Facebook, Gmail, Live into your Yahoo Mail account address book using importer

Sync, merge Ovi Mail contacts & Ovi Contacts

Contacts management has gone easy with new Ovi Mail 2.0 update. Now you can access contacts as one merged contact list from Ovi Mail contacts and Ovi Contacts. It allows you to sync phonebook with Ovi Contacts and Ovi Mail enabling you to view, edit, delete or create your contacts from Ovi

Import Facebook contacts in Gmail & Live Hotmail

Facebook, Live Hotmail and Gmail are 3 very popular services used by number of online users. Do you want to import and access your Facebook contacts within Gmail or Live Hotmail account? You can easily do this by importing contact list from Facebook to Live Hotmail. Next step involves

Import contacts to Gmail from CSV, vCard file

Have you downloaded or exported contacts CSV files from any other web service or tool? Alternatively, you might have manually created a CSV file containing contacts for your email account. Gmail users can easily import upto 3000 contacts in the form of a single CSV or vCard file into their

Find & Merge duplicate Gmail contacts automatically

Contacts listing grow as we send and receive emails in Gmail. It is important to keep contacts organized and tidy for easy navigation to required contact at specific time. We have already seen how to merge duplicate contacts one by one in Gmail contact manager. Now you can automate this