Add same contact to multiple groups in Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger users generally arrange Yahoo buddies or contacts in separate groups like friends, family, work etc. By default each contact appear only once in either of group. However, at times you may want a specific Yahoo contact to appear in 2 or more groups in Yahoo Messenger. This

See Gmail contacts List browser while composing email

While composing an email in Gmail, we often use auto complete to fill "send to" email IDs. While this is easy, new feature "Contacts List Browser" makes this more easy. While composing an email you can open a pop up window "Contacts browser" to see list of contacts. Click to add any

View & export details of contacts in Windows Live Messenger

LiveContactsView is a small utility that allows you to see contacts details contained in Windows Live Messenger installed on the computer. It neatly display various details of each contact like: email address, nickname, quick name, first name, middle name, last name, last modified date,

View & Edit Outlook auto complete entry Nk2 list

Everytime you type an email address while sending email using Outlook, it is added to auto complete entry list. Next time you type similar email ID, you will get auto complete suggestion to complete the email address quickly. NK2View is a handy utility that allows you to view and edit

Manage contacts online with Google contact manager

Google Contact manager has existed as a part of Gmail but now it is available as standalone application. You can store and manage your online contacts even if you don't use Gmail. It allows you to add multiple email, phone or home addresses and even adjust chat preferences for your

Eliminate duplicate Gmail contacts, just merge them!

Do you have two or more contact details for same person in your Gmail contact list? Well, its time to do some cleanup to organize and work in a better manner in Gmail. You can easily eliminate duplicate contacts by merging them. Login into Gmail, click on contacts link on the left

Trim & Clean your Twitter contact list with MyCleenr

Twitter contact list can grow like anything in short period of time. As always, most of us are busy posting tweets and dont bother to get hands dirty with cleaning up process. Trimming Twitter contact list isn't easy and can easily overwehlm anyone. Tryout MyCleenr and this process