30 useful Bookmarklets for kickass web browsing


Bookmarklets are shortcut links to perform tasks within web browser quickly. To get started, you need to add bookmarklets to bookmarks bar in your web browser. Firefox and Opera users can simply drag bookmarklet link to their bookmarks bar.


Internet Explorer users need to right click the bookmarklet link and then click add to favorites. Click on yes button on the pop-up window and then select links folder next to create in option. Click on Add button and you can access bookmarklet from top menu Favorites > Links > added  bookmarklet link. Following are 30 useful bookmarklets to perform online tasks real quick:


1. Split browser windowYou can split the web browser window or tab into two parts. This bookmarket comes very handy if you want to surf 2 websites at the same time or compare results from 2 websites in a single view. read more

2. Remove elements on webpage before printPrintWhatYouLike is a cool web service that allows you to remove any part of webpage, before you send it for final printing. Bookmarklet button can send any webpage to PrintWhatYouLike editor for quick processing. source

3. Multiple pages into One WebpagePageZipper transforms multiple webpages with next button into a single webpage with whole content with a click on bookmarklet button. source

4. Auto Refresh webpageYou can track latest scores, time etc on any webpage by auto refreshing it. Just open any website and hit the PageReboot bookmarklet for auto refreshing. source

5. Open webpage for specific timeMinutes Please allows you to open specified webpage for set time period. It automatically closes webpage, when set time expires. source

6. Take ScreenShot of webpageOpen any webpage and hit the bookmarklet button to see screenshot of that webpage ready for quick view and download. source

7. Remove clutter on webpagesReadability allows you to remove clutter on webpages including: ugly banners, more ugly CSS styling and lots more. Just plain text for calm reading. source

8. Save Webpage as PDFYou can convert and save any webpage opened in web browser into PDF format using one click bookmarklet button from PDFdownload.org source


9. Tweet This TextYou can quickly send any text to Twitter using Tweet This Text bookmarklet. Just select any text, hit the bookmarklet button to send the selected text to twitter timeline. read more

10. Delete DM on TwitterDirect message are rarely used by majority of Twitter users. However, if you are addicted in sending / receiving DMs on twitter – use this bookmarklet for quick deletion of direct messages. source

11. Orkut to FacebookLogin into Orkut and hit the bookmarklet button. You will get list of Orkut friend who are also on Facebook. One quick way to get new familiar friends while migrating from Orkut to Facebook.

12. Is Webpage on Delicious? – While browsing any webpage you can hit this delicious bookmarklet to know if this webpage has been bookmarked by how many and which Delicious users. source


13. Remove all Images from webpageZap Images bookmarklet allows to you remove all images from a webpage allowing clam text-only reading (and browsing). source

14. Edit Images in PicnikYou can push any image on a website to online image editor at Picnik and then edit the image as per requirement using Picnik tools. source

15. Smush.it Image OptimizationSelect any image of any website and send it to Smush.it online image optimization service. It helps reduce size of images while preserving its looks and quality. read more

16. Flickr to Facebook Open any Flickr image webpage and hit the Flickr 2 Facebook bookmarklet to upload the selected image to specific album in your Facebook account. source

17. View all Images in New windowOpen any webpage and hit the bookmarklet button, it will show all images in neat manner in new window. source

18. Download online videosKeepVid bookmarklet can help you download and save videos on any webpage with quick click on bookmarklet button. source

19. Watch video without ClutterQuiet Tube allows you to watch videos with distraction of glary advertisments and glitzy webpage style. Grab the bookmarklet from the homepage. source


20. Search On GoogleSelect any text on a webpage and hit the bookmarklet button for related Google search results quickly.

21. Dictionary LookupQuick bookmarklet allows you to check for dictionary meaning using Merriam Webster online database at m-w.com website. source

22. Search on WikipediaSelect and highlight any text on a webpage and hit the bookmarklet button to see related wikipedia results. source

23. Search On TwitterSelect and highlight any text on a webpage and hit the bookmarklet button to see related results on Twitter timeline. source

24. Search Similar websites [for IE]  – It allows you to search for similar websites of your interest. Just enter specific website URL or tags to get started with search process. source

25. Direct torrent download linkThis handy bookmarklet injects direct download by Bitlet weblink to popular torrent search engines. source


26. Gmail This Select any text on a webpage and hit Gmail This button. It will pop-up a window, where you can login and quick send selected text via email using Gmail account. source

27. Count words & linesJust select text with the mouse pointer and hit the bookmarklet link. It will show the count for number of words and lines in the selected text. source

28. Translate into EnglishQuick bookmarklet of Google Translation allows you to translate current webpage into English or native languages being used on host computer. source

 29. Shorten URLs with TinyURLYou can shorten any URL being browsed with a click of a button. Just click the bookmarklet button to see shortened URL. source

 30. Actual URL of shortened URL – Untiny web service allows you to preview actual URL of any shortened URL before you open that URL in browser. read more

Do you know any other useful bookmarklets? Share with us by adding a comment for next listing of useful bookmarklets. Happy surfing!



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