Official Twitter share bookmarklet

Bookmarklet is an easy way to add more functionality to web browser without actually installing anything. If you love to post favorite web links to Twitter while browsing, then checkout official Twitter share bookmarklet. Just click the bookmarklet button to quickly post current webpage

Auto reset Facebook privacy settings to ‘Friends Only’

Facebook keeps changing privacy settings after every few days. With huge list of existing privacy settings, configuring them wastes lot of time of an average Facebook user. As a result, many Facebook users tend to ignore them and do not bother to configure privacy settings. Now you can

Add special character symbols to Twitter tweets

Twitter has simple 140 character restricted communication platform. There are number of ways to extend this 140 character limitation by adding more content than just 140 characters. You can also add more spice to those 140 characters by using special symbols mixed with usual text

Google Reader Play bookmarklet & Chrome plugin

Google introduced Google Reader Play feature for visual browsing of RSS feed content. It allows you to view RSS content in the form of big headlines along with image thumbnails of post images. We have already seen procedure to start Google Reader Play from Google Reader window. Here are

Resize Firefox window with shortcut key, bookmarklet

Firefox browser can be extended in functionality to a great extend. Also, Firefox users love to customize their browser. Do you want to customize size of Firefox browser window? There are number of easy ways to resize Firefox window: like using Windows key, special bookmarklet button for

Share on Orkut bookmarklet for IE, Firefox, Chrome browser

Orkut went little more social with recent radical makeover. Just like share on Twitter, share on Facebook buttons, you can use "Share on Orkut" button to quickly share any webpage or online content with Orkut friends in a single click. We have already seen way to add 'Share on Orkut'

Print any webpage neatly: bookmarklet removes unwanted text, images, formatting

Besides the main content, evey webpage consists of other elements like advertisements, images, formatted tables, columns and much more. Printing webpage in original format does not produce result for easy reading. Also, it leads to unnecessary wastage of printer ink and paper.

Scribble graffiti on any webapge with mouse

Do you want to vandalize your favorite website or webpage without too much fuss? Scribblet is a bookmarklet [30 more bookmarklets] that allows you to become instant grafitti artist with webpage being your canvas. Open any webpage, click the bookmarklet and start vandalizing that webpage.

30 useful Bookmarklets for kickass web browsing

Bookmarklets are shortcut links to perform tasks within web browser quickly. To get started, you need to add bookmarklets to bookmarks bar in your web browser. Firefox and Opera users can simply drag bookmarklet link to their bookmarks bar. Internet Explorer users need to right click

Split web browser window / tabs with Bookmarklet

Ever wanted to split window or tab of your favorite web browser without having to download or install any additional software? Well, here is bookmarklet link which you can add to favorites and allows you to split any browser tab or window in a single click. You can surf two different

Tweet This (any) text with quick bookmarklet button

Twitter is all about expressing in less than 140 characters. You can twitter more quickly by using TweetThisText bookmarklet button. While browsing internet you come across interesting textual content. Just select the text with mouse and click TweetThisText bookmarklet button to send as a