Official Twitter share bookmarklet


Bookmarklet is an easy way to add more functionality to web browser without actually installing anything. If you love to post favorite web links to Twitter while browsing, then checkout official Twitter share bookmarklet. Just click the bookmarklet button to quickly post current webpage information on Twitter timeline.

Drag to add official ‘Share on Twitter’ bookmarklet

1. Open official Twitter share bookmarklet webpage.

2. Drag “Share on Twitter” button under ‘Getting the Bookmarklet’ to your Bookmarks Bar or Favourites Bar.

Opera, Firefox, Chrome users can simply drag button to bookmarks bar to add the bookmarklet. Internet Explorer can right click on bookmark button and then click ‘add to favorites’ option.

3. While browsing any webpage, click on the ‘share on twitter’ bookmarklet button on favorites bar. A pop-up window will open, enter your login details to quickly post specific webpage URL details on Twitter timeline.

Alternative ‘Tweet this’ Twitter bookmarklet

Besides above, you can also use Tweet This bookmarklet for posting quickly on Twitter. It is equally effective in sending specific webpage URLs to Twitter. You can also use official Twitter tweet button on websites or blogs to post on Twitter.


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