See all ‘Facebook Like’ weblinks on one page


Like concept on Facebook is becoming very popular among Facebook users. You can ‘like’ specific webpage or website by clicking Facebook like button and show your appreciation. Also, your ‘Like’ for that specific weblink will be posted on your Facebook wall and hence shared among your Facebook friends. It is nice way to promote and share websites that you like on Facebook. Over a period of time, you may have clicked like button on number of websites and webpage. Ever wanted to see history of weblinks that you liked on Facebook?

Like Journal: Bookmarks collection of Facebook Like(s)

Like Journal is a handy service that allows you to browse all Facebook like weblinks on single webpage. It shows all your recent likes on Facebook as neat organized bookmarks. To get started, you need to authorize your Facebook account to use Like Journal service.

1. Open Like Journal website ( and click ‘Login with Facebook’ button.

2. After Facebook login you will see ‘request for permission’ webpage. Click allow button to confirm authorization to use Like Journal service using your Facebook account.

3. Then you should see webpage with listing of your most recent likes. Each listing of Facebook like webpage also has date mentioned on which clicked like button for the same.

4. If you have lot of like webpages listing, you can use search your likes box at top right. Just enter specific keyword and view filtered Facebook like weblinks related to that keyword.

Chrome & Firefox plugins for ‘Like Journal’

Above method will only show Facebook page likes related to your Facebook account. If you want to track and see likes of websites – you can get browse specific addon extension. Like Journal has Chrome Extension and Firefox plugin for easy integration with these browser for better usage of Like Journal service.

If you are over loaded lot of Likes on Facebook, Like Journal for sure provide sane and quick way to get some organization. It can easily display all Like webpages related your Facebook account and you can filter them further through search facility. So, did you like this?


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