Change Scroll Bars size, color & design in Google Chrome

Default scroll bar design in Google Chrome does not have too much color contrast. Hence, it may get difficult for few users to quickly notice scroll bars while surfing websites in Google Chrome browser. Also, small size of scroll bar can be issue for few users. How about ability to change:

How to see latest Chrome bookmarks date wise

Google Chrome's Bookmarks feature is very basic allowing you to view (default order), import or export bookmarked links. If you happen to bookmarks lot of links and organize them in different folders - you may want to see latest or recently added bookmarks in Google Chrome. By default,

Get back viewing Instagram photos on Twitter

Instagram has stopped support for inline display of instagram photos on Twitter timelime. Are you missing easy integrated display of instagram photos shared on Twitter pages? Previously, instagram images appeared in Twitter cards making it very easy to view and share further. Now, only

How to view full webpage title in Google Chrome

Title of webpage opened in Google Chrome tab is not fully visible specially when lot of tabs are opened. While tabbed interface of Google Chrome bring ease of opening multiple websites in different tabs within same Google Chrome window, it adds limitation of not able to view complete

‘Save to Drive’ option to send files & images to Google Drive

Google Drive is a free online file storage space provided by Google. Anyone with Gmail or Google account can setup Google Drive on Windows and then easily upload files to Google Drive storage. For better and quicker usage of Google Drive storage space we have already seen lot of

Save all opened websites URLs in Chrome & Firefox

We often open and browse multiple websites at any given time. With tabbed interface, browsing multiple websites in a single browser window is easy and it saves time. Sometimes while browsing, you may need to attend to an offline task urgently. Immediately closing browser window will close

Disable & stop auto Playback of Youtube videos

By default, Youtube video will start buffering and play as soon as you open any Youtube video webpage. Few users may like this automatic playback as it eliminates hassle of clicking the Play button. However, users with limited bandwidth internet connection - video autoplay can consume lot

Hide & remove Trending Articles box in Facebook news feed

Facebook has added new element "Trending Articles" to the default news feed of your Facebook account. It is a small box containing news articles (and sponsored articles). Box is displayed in the top half of the news feed and you can slide through listing of various news articles within the

Send & save Gmail attachments directly to Google Drive

Do you receive lot of email messages on Gmail with attached documents and presentation files? Instead of cluttering your Gmail inbox with attachment files - how about saving important files directly to Google Drive (Docs)? Ideally, you will need to download attachment file from Gmail and

Read epub files in Firefox & Google Chrome

Trying to open an ebook file? It will be most likely in an epub file format. We have already discussed on number of tools to create epub format ebook files. Majority of internet users live in their default web browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome. You can easily add epub support to your

Remove Facebook news ticker box in Firefox, Chrome, Safari

After every few days we have new Facebook design interface. While few improvements are welcomed but introducting radical changes here and there annoy regular Facebook users to the core. Latest Facebook annoyance is highly distracting new updates Ticker box at top right side of Facebook

Change font & window size of Facebook chat box

Just like Facebook website interface, Facebook chat box has also undergone makeover over period of time. There are number of ways to enhance Facebook chat box besides trying to switch to old sytle Facebook chat window. While doing long chatting sessions, small chat box and even smaller