New Gmail Login page, same for all Google services


Google has decided on universal “One Account” login page for all Google services. Hence, whenever you try to login into either of Google service, you will be redirected to universal login page located at url. No more custom login pages for each Google services including: Youtube, Gmail, Google Search, Drive, Maps, Play and Google Plus.

New Login page routine for users

To login into Gmail email account, or urls are redirected to “about” page of Gmail email service (

Gmail email features page

The Gmail about page displays big image slider at the top showcasing top Gmail features. Middle and lower part of webpage describe more about Gmail features.

Gmail Google One Account Login page

Clicking Sign In button at top right finally opens new “One Account” login page for everything Google. It is a new look login page which has centrally aligned login box with prominent Sign In button. “One Account, All of Google” is the tagline indicating universal login page for all Google services.

Video: Preview new Gmail ‘One Account’ Login page

One Login page for all Google services, good idea?

Google is consolidating login procedure for all Google services to one page. This infact is a good idea and implementation. Layout design is neat and should be comfortable even for tablet / mobile users. You will see this login page everytime you login into any Google services. Once you logout, it also displays recently logged in account for quick re-login again.


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