Change or add Search engine in Google Chrome

Do you want to change default search engine being used for search in Google Chrome browser? For example, you may want to switch from Bing to Google for searching within Chrome browser. You can easily add, remove and change default search engine in Chrome using following procedure. Set

ChromePlus: Google Chrome with IE tab, mouse gestures, super drag features

Google Chrome is fast emerging web browser. ChromePlus is Google Chrome browser with extra features like: Mouse gesture, Super drag, IE tab etc. It is a free browser with can be used to surf internet while you enjoy basic functionality of Google Chrome browser and extra features of

See Google PageRank & Alexa Rank in Google Chrome

Some of us are in habit of checking Google PageRank and Alexa Rank of websites we visit. While this can be easily done in IE & FF using Google Toolbar and Alexa Toolbar - what about Google Chrome? Current version of Google Chrome does not support Google Toolbar and Alexa toolbar -

Open Email Links from Google Chrome in Gmail

By default, a click on 'mail:to' link in Google Chrome opens default email client like Outlook. In case you love using Chrome and Gmail - then ChromeMailer is for you. After installing this utility, instead of default mail window you will see Gmail compose window by default. Clicking

Access contents of Google Chrome Cache Folder

Be default, the cache folder of Google Chrome is located under [User Profile]\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache You can access this folder to view contents stored

Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts, be Chrome Quick!

Google Chrome has generated lot of buzz and loyal users. If you are addicted to web surfing using Google Chrome, then Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts should be real handy. Checkout Google Chrome Keyboard shortcuts and be Chrome quick while you surf favorite websites. Here goes:

Backup Google Chrome Profile in a single click !

Just like Firefox you can customize your Google Chrome browser. Hence, there is need for a procedure to backup your profile settings. You can make this process quick & easy using small utility 'Google Chrome Backup'. This tool allows you to create, backup, restore and manage Google