Get Twitter user updates via SMS on Mobile

Do you want to updates of your favorite Twitter user on mobile phone? Using mobile apps to follow Twitter activity can be heavy loaded routine for majority of mobile users. Making things simple and quick - just send a SMS to get updates from any Twitter user instantly in your

Add special character symbols to Twitter tweets

Twitter has simple 140 character restricted communication platform. There are number of ways to extend this 140 character limitation by adding more content than just 140 characters. You can also add more spice to those 140 characters by using special symbols mixed with usual text

Free Twiter on iPad apps: Tweetdeck & Twitterific

Just got new iPad and missing buzzing of tweets? Just download a free Twitter app on your iPad to get busy sending and reading tweets all the time. While there are number of paid Twitter apps, surprisingly best ones come with $0 price tag. Checkout feature laden and iPad customized

List Twitter users you Follow & also Follow you back

Besides sending regular updates or tweets from Twitter account, number of user you follow and number of users following you back is also important. We have already seen how to check Twitter users that you follow but do not follow you back. Here is an easy way to find out Twitter user you

Get Facebook, Twitter updates in Gmail inbox

Are you driven away by the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and cannot stay away from account updates even for a while? So lets collaborate them all into one big platform Gmail, which now paves way to integrate such websites into one place. Now surf Facebook and Twitter

Twitter DM Deleter

["Twitter DM Deleter" Freeware release by TothePC Labs] Are you looking for an easy way to delete DM (direct messages) on Twitter account? "Twitter DM Deleter" is a portable tool to quickly view and delete DMs of your Twitter account. You can see all direct messages, then select few or all

Post Facebook notifications on Twitter: TweetMyFace

Facebook and Twitter are two most popular social networking platforms on the internet. If you happen you to use both and want to spread activity between your Twitter & Facebook account, then try TweetMyFace application. It is a portable software to publish / post Facebook notification

How to Google Search latest Twitter tweets

Twitter has lot of activity and following the same can be difficult at times. Google Search can prove real handy in tracking latest activity of any public Twitter account. You can Google search for latest real time tweets, missing tweets in your Twitter client or high ranking tweets of any

Search Twitter tweets in Chrome, the easy way!

If you browse web in Google Chrome and often bump into Twitter search, then checkout "Search Twitter" extension for Chrome. It helps in faster Twitter search without user having to open and manually search for a keyword. You can input search keyword from the Chrome menu bar and

Add Twitter tweetmeme button to blog / website

Promoting your blog / website content on various social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter improve your site profile and send more visitors. We have already seen easy procedure to add cool official Facebook button to website. Similarly, you can add tweetmeme button to allow

How to send email invites to friends to join Twitter

Twitter is very simple and quick way to stay connected with your online friends, favorite blogs and even celebrities. There are number of directory websites to find new Twitter friends. You can use "Invite by Email" feature to invite your close friends to join you on Twitter. Invite

Add Blog RSS feed to Twitter with Feedburner

Feedburner has been quiet (feature wise) ever since Google acquired it. Finally, Google has added a new feature to Feedburner service that allows you to publish RSS feed of your blog or website to specific Twitter account automatically. You can customize text, hastags for automatic RSS