3 tools to Backup & Save Twitter account tweets

Twitter has grown into big platform to express and socialize with people around the world. With so many people using Twitter and loads of contents being posted every minute - do you feel the need to backup your Twitter account contents (just incase)? Following tools should help in easy

Upload files, photos, videos from desktop to Twitter: TwitDoc

Twitter is more than few characters of text. You can also share your favorite photos, videos withTwitter friends. TwitDoc desktop client makes document and file sharing very easy. Using this program you can upload and share documents, files, photos and videos from desktop with your Twitter

Share HD video movies on Twitter: Vidly

bit.ly is very popular URL shortening service. Taking inspiration of sorts, here is Vidly that serves another feature for using Twitter. It allows you to upload and share videos with Twitter friends. Besides the usual quality videos, it also supports high definition and high resolution

RSS Feed URL of Twitter Lists

Ideally, you can follow specific Twitter account using respective RSS feed using 3rd party tools (like Twitterfeed.com). Twitter recently introduced Twitter Lists and it for sure is creating lot of buzz with different Twitter users creating their own Twitter list containing favorite

Create Twitter background with avatar image of followers

Most effective way to customize Twitter account is by using customized background image. We have seen number of online tools like twitbacks and Twitter designer to create cool Twitter background images and even resources that allow download of Twitter background images in original PSD

Portable Twitter client in command prompt window – Quitter

There are number of heavy loaded twiter clients (like Tweetdeck, bDule, Chirp) with over dose of graphics and wanting you to install Adobe Air, .Net and so on. Quitter is a dead simple portable twitter client that needs no install at all. Just download, unzip the file and double click on

Auto Follow Twitter users based on specific search keyword

[For Advance users] Do you want to auto-follow Twitter users mentioning specific search term or keyword? If yes, then grab "twitter-autofollow" php script. It allows you to configure specific search terms or keywords and allow your Twitter account to follow Twitter users with tweets

Top Twitter spammers: check, view & report spam Twitter users

Twitter is a cool micro-blogging service with lot of users interacting actively. Every good thing has its share of bad elements, often referred as Twitter spammers. These are fake user IDs that spread malicious and illegal content links by following and getting followed from genuine

Generate cool Twitter Signature image showing your latest tweet

Twitter signature image is a cool and quick way to publicize your Twitter profile and get more followers (hopefully). Just like TwitSig, Twitter Signature Styles is a cool online tool to generate stylish Twitter signature image showing your latest tweet. You can select among different cool

How to disable & block Twitter, Friendfeed updates on Facebook?

Few Facebook users are troubled with Twitter updates flooding their facebook account even though they never activated Twitter updates. As reported, this is a result of Facebook bug automatically publishing Twitter updates on Facebook. Thankfully, there is easy way to stop this. 1.

Twitter new design has BIG search box on homepage

Twitter has gone for makeover, as it sizzle in glory of positive media coverage and tons of new users. Twitter is still lost on ways to earn money from high level of user activity. New look Twitter homepage might offer some direction with BIG search box in your face. So, even if you

Draw Paint Graffiti online & post on Twitter with TwitPaint

Graffiti drawing can range from very good looking to crazy looking. We have already seen insane graffiti splash on the desktop background and also on your favorite webpages. Here is little sane and simple way to create and share paint graffiti drawing using online tool TwitPaint. To get