Share Youtube video updates on Twitter & Facebook

Now you can officially share Youtube video updates with friends on Twitter and Facebook. For every videos uploaded to your Youtube account, update for the same will be posted on your Twitter and Facebook timeline. To get started, login into your Youtube account. Then click Upload >

Google Quick Box to search web, desktop & Twitter

Google Quick Search (QSB) is out for MAC platform (besides existing Windows). Once installed you can search any damn thing on your computer or internet. As you type, it will pop-up suggestions (like Google Suggest) for easy and quick click through to required stuff. As seen in image below,

Share torrents Twitter style with TorrentTwitter

Twitter is an awesome tool to interact and share quickly. Porting this concept and urge to share favorite torrents, here comes TorrentTwitter. It is a Twitter web tool for sharing favorite torrents (not affiliated to original To get started, register free account or sign-in

Download Twitter backgrounds with original PSD file

We have seen number of Twitter resources that allows you to download cool looking Twitter background images. However, most of them offer non-editable JPEG or PNG background images that leave very little scope for customization. TweetStyle fills in for that and offer Photoshop PSD file

Search photos on Twitter with PicFog image search

PicFog is a real time image search for photos being shared on Twitter. Homepage displays real time result of photos being splashed one after another derived from Twitter image hosting services like: TwitPic, Yfrog and Twitgoo. You can hit the pause button and get started with searching

Twitter from flock web browser, integrated client!

Twitter madness has already spread over loads of web based Twitter apps and numerous Twiter clients (bDule, Seemic, Chirp, TweetDeck). Looks like, new version Flock web browser wants you to dump all these to a dustin. New version comes with fully loaded and integrated Twitter client to

Follow popular Twitter users at famous tweeters

With so many users on Twitter, finding right people you can follow is not an easy task. We have already seen top 10 directories of Twitter users to dig out Twitter profiles worth following. Here is another cool web service Famous Tweeters that has exhaustive listing of famous people on

Track people swearing on Twitter [Fword & more]

Twitter is all about expressing and some of us go over-board while doing so. End result is little bit of swearing as we put our point forward in loads of tweets on Twitter. Cursebird is a cool web app that tracks not so cool curse words being used on Twitter. Homepage show bar graph

Search Google & Twitter at the same time – Twootles

Twitter recently launched real time search for all Twitter users. It helps you search information on hot keywords in real time. There is buzz of it being Google search killer. Both Twitter and Google search produce lot of unique results, when it comes to quality and use-ability of search

Create eBook containing tweets of Twitter account

If you tweet very interesting stuff in your Twitter accout, how about creating an ebook containing tweets of your Twitter account? Tweetbook allows you to create a PDF ebook (or XML output) with nicely date-wise publication of tweets in your account. Related - Backup your Twitter

bDule, Facebook & Twitter client for Win XP, Vista & 7

They keep coming with jazzy eye warming interfaces and here is the latest: bDule is cool looking desktop client for Facebook and Twitter activity tracking. You can customize look and chose template / skin that looks best to your eyes and then configure Facebook / Twitter logins to see some

Share any files & documents on Twitter with TwitDoc

There are number of web services to share stuff on Twitter from sharing photos to sharing videos. TwitDoc promises to be all in one solution to share any kind of file or document on Twitter. Just login into Twitter account, enter your tweet, upload file from the computer and you are all