Translate tweets online to post original or translated on Twitter

There are number of ways to translate any text to different languages online like using Google Translate and Bing Translator. Twinslator is an online service for language translation of your Tweets. To get started, type tweet or message and then select translation language from drop down

Simple portable tool to Twitter from desktop, StickyTweets

There are number of Twitter client tools (like Tweetdeck, bDule, Chirp) with all hog of features, enhancements (and confusion for new users). If you only want to read latest tweets and able to send quick tweets to your Twitter friends, then Sticky Tweets should rock for you. It is portable

See list of applications accessing your Twitter account

Twitter is a dead simple way to blog and tell world "What are you doing now?". This simple tool now has loads of "not so simple" and ever increasing 3 party Twitter based applications. Majority of these application require you to sign in using Twitter account in order to use them. We

Get email or Twitter alerts for new Free iPhone apps

There are number of paid iPhone apps listed on the app store. Good percentage of these paid apps go Free after some period of time. Tracking all those apps going free and loading up on your iPhone isn't easy. FreeAppAlerts website makes this all easy and simple. It is a free alert service

Search Twitter & Bing together for latest: BingTweets

Bing has loads of interesting features besides the usual web search feature. While Bing is still finding its feet, Twitter is all over the web with tons of real time information. BingTweets website combines the power of instant information from Twitter with usual web based search results

Official Google accounts on Twitter, pick & follow

We have already seen huge list of official Microsoft products account on Twitter. Here comes the crowd from Google with over 40+ official Twitter accounts for different Google products and services. Checkout the following listing of important Google accounts on Twitter, you may wanna

Show Twitter updates & Picasa photos on Blogger blog

Blogger is finally thinking to organize Blogger resources for better accessibility for Blogger users. Besides probable template and artwork directory, it has already put up special blog for featured Blogger gadgets. It contains cool Blogger gadgets created by third party

Official Microsoft products account on Twitter

Twitter got many big companies like Dell, Google with their official accounts. Microsoft products have their individual accounts on Twitter to allows users to get latest updates. Microsoft is finally showing life on its main twitter account @Microsoft. Twitter users can follow Microsoft

Twitter Followers & Following pages get new Look

Twitter is buzzing again, this time for its makeover of sorts. Even though not many intermediate and advanced Twitter users go to and prefer using Twitter clients - still, many new Twitter user only know as gateway to Twitter. Checkout the following and followers

Automatically post Flickr photos on Twitter via email

There number of web services that allow you to share photos on Twitter. Well, they need to worry as big daddy of photo sharing Flickr now allows you to automatically post new Flickr photo updates on Twitter timeline. So if you are using Flickr to host photos, use following procedure to

Free image upload for sharing on Twitter & Facebook

We already know number of web services to share photos on Twitter. Ideally you can use any free image hosting website and shorten the final image URL for quick sharing on Twitter and Facebook. ImgTweet does - image upload and final image URL shortening in one go. This saves lot of time and

Tweetdeck support multiple accounts, comes to iPhone

There is lot happening at Tweetdeck, an awesome desktop client to Twitter with ease. New version of Tweetdeck is available with lots of new features and improvements. Most requested feature of accessing multiple Twitter accounts is now live on Tweetdeck. After install you will get prompt