Enable https on Twitter account

Now you can access Twitter website in more secure environment by enabling https setting. This enhances security and protects against possible hacking even when Twitter website is accessed on unsecured wifi internet connection. You can turn on https setting for your Twitter account from

Listen Twitter tweets online & on iPhone

Amount of tweet messages can overwhelm any person. You can comfortably browse lot of tweet messages quickly by listening to them instead of manual reading. You can listen to tweets online using easy to use third party web tools like TweJay. You can also get similar functionality on iPhone

Find & link to individual Tweet URL on Twitter

Just like webpages, every tweet has unique URL address for quick and easy reference. You can find specific tweet URL and add reference for the same using that weblink / URL. Following are few simple ways to find unique URL of specific individual tweet(s) on Twitter. From Twitter profile

Search tweets in specific language on Twitter

Twitter has lot of users tweeting messages about almost everything. Besides searching for specific words among tweets, you can also refine results according to specific language. You can use official Twitter search to find tweets with specific words in specific language with ease. Find

Enable Twitter geotagging to add location to tweets

Do you want to add physical location reference in tweets on your Twitter account? You can easily insert location information in tweet using 'geotagging' feature on Twitter. Besides this feature, you should be tweeting from web browser supporting geolocation feature (fortunately, majority

Official Twitter share bookmarklet

Bookmarklet is an easy way to add more functionality to web browser without actually installing anything. If you love to post favorite web links to Twitter while browsing, then checkout official Twitter share bookmarklet. Just click the bookmarklet button to quickly post current webpage

How to add official Twitter ‘tweet’ button

Websites and blogs can display quick share Twitter buttons for easy sharing of content by users. As of now, we have used third party buttons that enable users on specific website or blog to post and share article links on Twitter. Now you use official Twitter 'tweet' buttons on your blog

Fifa World Cup 2010 Twitter theme

We got glitzy Fifa World Cup South Africa 2010 theme for Windows 7 users. Now even Twitter users can get into Football World Cup fever with official "South Africa 2010" Twitter theme background. It is a dark and simple theme background featuring the South Africa map in front of glossy

Search & tweet Youtube videos from desktop

If you happen to watch lot of Youtube videos and like to share them by sending tweet on Twitter, then make this routine easy and quick using TweetTube program. It is a free desktop program that allows you to search, view and tweet about Youtube videos from the desktop. Send tweet about

Display latest Twitter tweet as forum signature

Twitter content changes very quickly. You can easily display latest content of your Twitter account on blog, website or forum as signature, automatically. This is can done using either of online tools for generating image with your latest tweet from specific Twitter account. Just copy the

Find Twitter users to follow with similar interest

Are you looking to follow and interact with more Twitter users with similar interests? Browsing Twitter profiles manually to find relevant Twitter users worth following can be time consuming routine. You can automate this process and get relevant Twitter users suggestions by using "Follow