Manage Orkut groups [automatic magic suggestions]

Just after the makeover, Orkut introduced lot of new feature including: Friends suggestions by Orkut. Based on similar lines, now Orkut will suggest new groups based on your user activity. It will suggest labels for new groups and possible Orkut friends in each group. You can accept or

Add Twitter tweetmeme button to blog / website

Promoting your blog / website content on various social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter improve your site profile and send more visitors. We have already seen easy procedure to add cool official Facebook button to website. Similarly, you can add tweetmeme button to allow

Add Facebook share button link to blog / website

Easy sharing on social networking websites like Facebook can bring lot of free and quality traffic to your website or blog. You can easily enable users to share your blog posts or articles by adding a Facebook share button at the start or end of the article page. A user can click that

How to send email invites to friends to join Twitter

Twitter is very simple and quick way to stay connected with your online friends, favorite blogs and even celebrities. There are number of directory websites to find new Twitter friends. You can use "Invite by Email" feature to invite your close friends to join you on Twitter. Invite

How to use to shorten Youtube Video links

After Facebook and Google launching respective URL shortnening services, Youtube has also jumped for the same. is the URL slug to be used for shortened Youtube video URLs. Just like Google's URL shortener is specially for Google services, Youtube's URL is specially

Post to Delicious Firefox plugin for easy bookmarks posting

Delicious is one popular social bookmarking website. Users can post their favorite links tagged under different categories for other users to discover bookmarked content easily. "Post to Delicious" is a Firefox extension that makes Delicious posting very easy and quick. It has simple

Inform Facebook about death of a User

Facebook results in strong community and user interaction. Now this can carry on, even when actual person behind a specific Facebook has died. Facebook has rolled out a new contact form by which any Facebook user can inform it about death of other Facebook user, which could be a family

Switch between Facebook Lite & Regular [official way]

We have seen 5 ways to disable Facebook Lite version. However, for few users even those 5 ways did not work to switch from Facebook Lite to Facebook Regular. Looks like, Facebook finally saw tears of Facebook users frustrated at not being able to switch back to Facebook regular from lite

How to add Orkut friends to Facebook account

Are you one of many social networking lovers switching from Orkut to Facebook? Facebook has made it all easy for Orkut users to join Facebook and bring along Orkut friends to their new Facebook account. It has new feature that allows you to import Orkut friends to Facebook account and stay

5 ways to disable Facebook Lite & Switch to normal Facebook

Facebook Lite was launched a while ago to allow faster surfing of Facebook on slow internet connection. Some users have reported problems using this lite version of Facebook. Most common being automatic login into lite version of Facebook instead of normal version. Following are few ways

Login Facebook with username instead of Email ID

Facebook got vanity custom URLs with username like - this feature created lot of buzz with many trying to get hold of premium and more rememberable usernames. Facebook has extended the use of usernames to login into Facebook account. Also See - Surf Facebook Lite