Full Screen Video Chat with Orkut friends

Google is all busy rolling out video chat feature in different Google services. So, after video chat in Gmail inbox and iGoogle startpage - similar feature is live for Orkut users. Now you can (full screen) video chat with Orkut friends one on one with ease while browsing Orkut. Start

Auto Follow Twitter users based on specific search keyword

[For Advance users] Do you want to auto-follow Twitter users mentioning specific search term or keyword? If yes, then grab "twitter-autofollow" php script. It allows you to configure specific search terms or keywords and allow your Twitter account to follow Twitter users with tweets

Automatically post Flickr photos on Twitter via email

There number of web services that allow you to share photos on Twitter. Well, they need to worry as big daddy of photo sharing Flickr now allows you to automatically post new Flickr photo updates on Twitter timeline. So if you are using Flickr to host photos, use following procedure to

Free image upload for sharing on Twitter & Facebook

We already know number of web services to share photos on Twitter. Ideally you can use any free image hosting website and shorten the final image URL for quick sharing on Twitter and Facebook. ImgTweet does - image upload and final image URL shortening in one go. This saves lot of time and

Share Youtube video updates on Twitter & Facebook

Now you can officially share Youtube video updates with friends on Twitter and Facebook. For every videos uploaded to your Youtube account, update for the same will be posted on your Twitter and Facebook timeline. To get started, login into your Youtube account. Then click Upload >

Share torrents Twitter style with TorrentTwitter

Twitter is an awesome tool to interact and share quickly. Porting this concept and urge to share favorite torrents, here comes TorrentTwitter. It is a Twitter web tool for sharing favorite torrents (not affiliated to original Twitter.com). To get started, register free account or sign-in

Get custom Vanity URL username for Facebook Profile

Facebook has made official announcement on offering Vanity custom URLs to every facebook user. Instead of random "id=592952074" thing in Facebook URL, see your name to directly dump into your Facebook profile. This looks neat, easy to remember and sharing Facebook profile URL with friends.

Free Avatars directory, download & use !

Avatars are very important for socially active and networked web users. Avatar image is your online identity and hence it is important to have a cool looking avatar. We have already seen web tools to create avatars from Youtube videos or create awesome looking 3D avatars at Meez. Hey, why

Create animated avatar from images, Youtube videos

Avatar is a social identity of every web user interacting at different social networking websites. Alpoy is a new web service that makes avatar creation process real easy. You can easily make from static and highly animated cool looking avatar images in few simple clicks. Related - 5

Check username / vanity URL on 120 social websites

KnowEm website makes it easy to check if a specific username or vanity URL is available on different social media websites or not. Just enter any username and hit the check username button. It will check for that specific username on top 120 popular social media websites and indicate the

Post updates to multiple social sites from Hello.txt

Each of us has number of user accounts at different social websites. Updating and managing each of them can take lot of time and effort. Just like web service Ping.fm - Hellotxt allows you to keep status updated on multiple social websites. It supports number of popular social networking