Can I merge two Facebook accounts into one profile


Facebook can be very addicitive and users may be tempted to maintain multiple Facebook accounts for different type of interaction in each account. For starters: maintaining multiple Facebook accounts is not allowed as per Facebook ‘Terms of use’. Incase you have created 2 or more accounts and now want to merge them into single account, procedure is neither easy nor smooth.

Combine multiple Facebook accounts

Technically, there is no direct quick shot method to merge multiple Facebook accounts. However, you can initiate this by copying your profile content (like photos, notes, etc) and add it manually to your more active account.

You need to manualy build contents from other Facebook account to your active Facebook account as few things like friends and wall posts cannot be transffered. Once you move content to more active Facebook account, you can delete or deactivate other Facebook account.

Please note: if you have created multiple Facebook accounts like one personal account another for your business – then stop it. Facebook provide option to create Fanpages for your business, blogs, websites, celebrity, personalities. You can create multiple Fanpages from existing Facebook account. These fanpages are not linked to your Facebook account from visiting end user.



  1. Ajja Blaw says

    At the time I started on facebook, the only way to be on multiple university networks was to have different accounts with the university addresses. When I went from undergrad to grad school I did just that (in fact the different university networks at that time were considered wholly separate sites). At some point they pulled the rug out from under me in the terms of service and made it illegal to have two. This is these jokers’ M.O.–drastically change designs and policies every few months so that no one can keep up. I can’t wait until the next big thing comes along and facebook goes the way of myspace and friendster before it.

    • Amy Bruderer says

      “I can’t wait until the next big thing comes along and facebook goes the way of myspace and friendster before it.”

      :::Enter Google +:::

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