How to verify Facebook account

Are you trying to successfully confirm your Facebook account? You can easily do this using email confirmation method. Just check your provided email ID inbox for confirmation message containing confirmation link. You can also confirm using your mobile phone number. If you are Facebook

Is someone else using my Facebook account

Majority of internet users have Facebook account and use it actively to stay connected with their Facebook buddies. Have you noticed anything strange or mischievous to your Facebook account - like noticing an update, comment, image that you never wrote or added on your Facebook account.

Transfer emails from one Gmail account to another

Lot of users have multiple Gmail accounts and use each account for personal and professional needs. Do you want to transfer all email messages from one Gmail account to another? Ideally, you can forward emails one by one to transfer email messages from one account to different account.

Download Facebook account information

Do you want to download everything ever posted by you on the Facebook account?Now you can download it easily including your messages, wall posts, photos, status updates, profile information and other data using download feature on Facebook. All the Facebook account information is

How to remote logout from Facebook account

You may be accessing and logging into Facebook account from multiple devices. Did you forgot to logout from Facebook account at specific time? Now you will be able to log out of any Facebook session that you may have left active on another computer or device. This is possible using remote

How to report imposter, fake Facebook profile

Facebook is a healthy and interactive medium for social networking. Still, you may come across negative elements or activities on Facebook. Just like you can report abusive photo uploading and sharing on Facebook, there are measures for fake Facebook profiles. You can easily report an

How to create new Facebook account

Lot of users socialize using Facebook. If you happen to use MySpace, Orkut and want to switch to Facebook - you can easily get started by creating a new Facebook profile. You can create new Facebook account for free and this only require a valid email address. Following is quick procedure

Can I merge two Facebook accounts into one profile

Facebook can be very addicitive and users may be tempted to maintain multiple Facebook accounts for different type of interaction in each account. For starters: maintaining multiple Facebook accounts is not allowed as per Facebook 'Terms of use'. Incase you have created 2 or more accounts

Link & login Zoho with Facebook account

Zoho is a full featured free online office suite like Google Docs & other MS Office alternatives. Now you can use Zoho online tools using your Facebook account. You can simply login using Facebook account, thereby eliminating the need to create separate account to access Zoho. Facebook

Link Google, Gmail, Yahoo accounts with Facebook account

Do you want to automatically sign into Facebook account when you login into your Gmail, Google or Yahoo Mail account? This can be easily done by linking other online accounts with your existing Facebook account. After linking, as and when you login into any linked account - you also get