How to create new Facebook account


Lot of users socialize using Facebook. If you happen to use MySpace, Orkut and want to switch to Facebook Рyou can easily get started by creating a new Facebook profile. You can create new Facebook account for free and this only require a valid email address. Following is quick procedure to make a new Facebook profile easily.

Make new Facebook profile account

1. Open website on your computer. On the homepage, you will see form to create and setup new Facebook account.

2. Enter your First name and Last name. Also enter valid email address and password that you want to use for the new Facebook account. Select gender from drop down menu.

3. Then select date of birth. Facebook need your birthday date to serve content appropriate for your age. User below 13years are not allowed to use Facebook.

4. Click ‘Sign up’ button to quickly create your new Facebook account.

Please note, if you already happen to have Facebook account and want to create new Facebook fanpage, then checkout procedure to create new Fanpage. A single Facebook account can be used to create multiple fanpages.



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