How to stop specific Notification alerts on Facebook

Facebook notification system will display alert to almost every activity related to your account, friends, groups you have joined, photos uploaded, comments and much more. You can view new notifications at Globe icon next to Search box at the top. These notification can overwhelm and

Disable Twitter mention & reply email notifications

Is your inbox over-loaded with Twitter notification messages for every mention or reply for tweets on your Twitter profile? New Twitter version has the option of email notifications for mentions and replies turned ON by default. Hence, you may have seen deludge of new emails from Twitter

Disable Facebook Questions email notification

Besides posting on wall, uploading photos and videos - you can interact further with Facebook friends by asking questions on Facebook. While Facebook Questions feature is useful for few users, other may not like it and may want to get rid of it. You can easily remove Facebook

Gmail desktop notifications in Chrome

Email alerts in the form of desktop notifications is more handy way to stay updated with your email account activity. There are number of third party programs that allow new email message and chat conversation alerts on your desktop screen. If you use Google Chrome as default browser, then

Stop email notifications of Facebook groups

Facebook groups is a relatively new and useful feature. You can create Facebook groups for private interaction among specific Facebook friends. Just like any Facebook activity, groups also generate notification emails by default. If you do not wish to receive notification emails for group

Get paid iPad apps for free

You can spice up iPad experience through host of different applications. We have already seen few best iPad apps for your tablet device. Majority of iPad apps are paid and you need to pay to download & use them. Free App Alert website allows you to get alerts when a paid iPad app

Enable Google Alerts to automate searches

Stressed out searching a particular term in Google search each and everytime you require an information about it? Let Google does this work by keeping you up-to-date with the updates for specific keyword searches that you go through frequently. This can be easily setup using Google Alerts

Disable Open file security warning in Windows 7

While installing a particular application which modifies the registries of the Windows 7, a specific Open File- System Warning appears on the screen which pops up notification whether to Run that file or cancel the installation. It happens generally when you open an executable .exe or

Disable & deactivate UAC on Windows 7

Are you being troubled  by regular pop-up messages in Windows 7 asking you to choose a specific action while installing a software or changing the system settings? This happens due to UAC feature for user security reminder while making critical changes to the system. If you find this

POP, IMAP email notifier for desktop mail alerts

We have covered number of Email Notifier applications for different email providers like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. POP Peeper is a free email notifier tool for any email account that support POP / IMAP. Hence, you can setup multiple email accounts in this application and receive timely

Gmail notifier checker for Google Chrome

Google Chrome (beta) can be customized with extended functionality using various Chrome extensions (plugins / addons). We have seen number of standalone Gmail email notifiers. If you browse web using Google Chrome browser, then get integrated Gmail notifier checker for quick and easy

Google Wave Notifier for new Wave desktop alerts

Google Wave promises to be 'next big thing' in online messaging and real time communication. We have already seen easy to use Google Wave shortcuts for quick browsing in Google Wave interface. If you have become addictive to Google Wave, then Wave desktop notifier app should makes things