Google Mail [Gmail] notifier for Windows 7

We have seen number of Gmail notifier programs for Windows & Mac. c2iGmailNotifier is a Google Mail, Gmail notifier specially for Windows 7 operating system. It is a simple application that notify you about new email messages in a stylish pop-up window on the desktop screen. It

Reminder software to unplug USB flash drive from PC

USB flash drives are common and very handy for quick data transfer. You can easily plug them to USB port and copy required files. However, at times we forget to unplug / remove USB flash drive from computer even after data transfer is complete. FlashRecall program should be useful in such

Clean System tray notification area of past items

Over a period of time, system tray notification area can become cluttered. While some items (icons) are visible, there are lot of hidden items at the system tray notification area. The Tray Cleaner is a portable and small utility to clean up mess of item on the System tray notification

Free Facebook desktop Notifier application

An active Facebook user has lot of things to manage and stay updated on. We have already seen basic FBquick Facebook Notification tool, here is apjunktion notifications tool with extended functionality. After the install, it sits on system tray and shows information about latest status of

Google Reader Notifier for unread items notification

If you love browsing websites, blogs via their RSS feeds using Google Reader, then here is notifier application to stay updated all the time. Google Reader Notifier is a free application for Windows users. It display desktop notification pop-up for unread items of your Google Reader

Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail web email notifier in Firefox

Email notifier is a handy application to get alerts for new emails without having to open specific web email account in web browser. Now you can receive email alerts while browsing internet within Firefox browser using WebMail Notifier plugin. It checks your web email account and give

Gmail email Notifier, Windows & Mac desktop apps

If you are MAC user and want to stay updated on Gmail status without having to open Gmail in web browser - then grab Gmail Notifier application to ease out techno life. Notifier application sends desktop notification for any new email message on your Gmail account and keeps you updated all

Hotmail email notifications in Google Chrome [plugin]

After Mouse Gestures & Gtalk plugin, Google Chrome browser gets yet another extension "Hotmail Notifier". As the name suggests, it shows status of your Hotmail account in Google Chrome browser. After the install, small Hotmail icon is displayed on the browser toolstrip. It shows number

Facebook notifications on desktop, free fbquick notifier

Are you tired of hopping to web browser again and again to check for new updates on Facebook account? Well, make things easy and quick by receiving Facebook updates instant notification on desktop using fbquick. It is a free Facebook desktop notifier tool to stay updated with Facebook

Gmail notification on desktop in style [Growl Addon]

Growl for Windows is super cool way to add Mac like jazzy desktop notification system on your Windows powered computer. New Gmail add-on of Growl for Windows allows you to see Gmail message notifications on desktop in style. It sits on system tray and with simple right click gives

Email & IM desktop notification with Meebo Notifier

Meebo is leading web based multi messenger service. It now has notifier application that can installed on Windows based computer for instant desktop notification. You can login into your IM account at any service like: AIM, Yahoo, Google Talk etc and receive notification pop up for any

Mac like Jazzy notification with Growl for Windows

Growl adds jazzy and cool looking notification pop-up boxes on Mac systems. Now you can relish this feature on your Windows based computer with Growl for Windows. It is a universal notification system for different applications like Firefox on your computer with super cool looks and easy