Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail web email notifier in Firefox


Email notifier is a handy application to get alerts for new emails without having to open specific web email account in web browser. Now you can receive email alerts while browsing internet within Firefox browser using WebMail Notifier plugin. It checks your web email account and give alerts for unread emails.

WebMail Notifier Firefox addon features

webmail-notifier-addon1. It supports Gmail and Google Apps email accounts.
2. Yahoo Mail support for,,
3. Live Mail support for,,
4. Also supports,,,

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You can configure multiple accounts across different webmail services and receive notification for new / unread emails within Firefox browser. Download WebMail Notifier Firefox addon for new email message notification.



  1. Susan Knight says

    Have the problems with the new notifier update been taken care of? I had it but deleted since it stopped working.


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