Yahoo offering .com .net .org domains for $1.99


With cost cutting, many things are getting expensive. Surprisingly Yahoo has come up with tantalising offer of any .com .net or .org domain for just $1.99 for an year.

If you are looking for one year hosting of a specific domain, then this offer is a REAL grab. This offer does come with few strings attached. You should be a new Yahoo Small Business customer. If not, just create a new Yahoo ID and proceed. Here are details:

  • 1-year term: $1.99 (special discount for new customers only)
  • 2-year term: $11.94 ($1.99 for first year, $9.95 for second year)
  • 3-year term: $21.89 ($1.99 for first year, $9.95 for next two years)
  • 5-year term: $41.79 ($1.99 for first year, $9.95 for next four years)

You can buy either of the above option as one TERM. After this term is over, you need to pay whopping $34.95 per year for renewal. Yeah this can be turn OFF, but Yahoo also need to earn – isn’t it?

As pointed by Sumesh, there is a cool workaround to this. Just grab domain at $1.99 and after one year transfer it to other domain provider who will charge the usual amount of $9 (or $10). Now this makes economic sense, what say? Checkout Yahoo Offer


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