Email Selected Text in Internet Explorer with SnipIT

SnipIT is one handy add-on for Internet Explorer that makes sending email very quick and ease. Just select text on any webpage opened in Internet Explorer, right click and send it via email on the fly. This free add-on supports number of email

Send difficult ‘Critic’ thoughts anonymously, NiceCritic

Please consider trimming some nose hair. It looks as if your zipper is down. Please wash your hands after using the bathroom. You squeeze too hard when you hug and so on. Above are difficult and critical thoughts that most of us cannot communicate on the face of the person in question.

Self Destruct Controllable Email from BigString

Ever wanted to control and delete message you already sent? Do you want email recipient not able to print or forward your email? Well, too much of ask for usual web based email services. But, Bigstring gives you all sting features for better email control. This unlimited storage