Self Destruct Controllable Email from BigString


Ever wanted to control and delete message you already sent? Do you want email recipient not able to print or forward your email?

Well, too much of ask for usual web based email services. But, Bigstring gives you all sting features for better email control.

This unlimited storage email services comes with advanced email control features. You can control your emails even after they have been sent. It offers:

  • Self destruct email.
  • Recallable or erasable email.
  • Non-forwardable email.
  • Non-printable or savable email.
  • Advanced email tracking.

Besides ability to delete sent email you can prevent email recipient from forwarding, printing or copying your email message. As pointed by Mike, actual message sent contains just a link to an image-based version of your message stored on Bigstring’s servers.

You can always take screenshot of the message and spread it further. However, for a normal user this can be bit of task. Checkout BigString for controllable email strings and features on offer. It also offer web based access to various IM services.

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