40+ Temporary & Disposable Email Services, Quickies!


Spam, spam, spam… who loves it? Well, love it or hate it – most of us tend to receive lot of spam or unwanted emails be it yahoo(high vol) or gmail(little less).

In case you want to stay protected from spam, then start using a temporary & disposable Email Services. Using these free services, you get a unique email ID which is valid for few hours or days.

Emails from this ID are forwarded to your actual email ID. By the time spammers get hold of this email address, it expires. Here is huge list of more than 40 Temporary & Disposable Email Services. Take your pick…

1. GuerrillaMail It provides you with disposable e-mail addresses which expire after 15 Minutes. You can read and reply to e-mails that are sent to the temporary e-mail address within the given time frame.

2. SpamBox Using this you can create a temporary e-mail address that will expire in the time you chose, all the mails directed to this e-mail will be transparently forwarded to your real e-mail. You can select time from 30mins to one year.

3. 10 Minute Mail Name says its all, it allows you to create a disposable email ID with working life of 10 minutes. You can read, click on links, and even reply. The e-mail address will expire after 10 minutes.

4. MailExpire It allows you to create a free email alias for yourself. For a period you choose, from 12 hours to 3 months, anything sent to this email alias will be passed on to you at your actual email address.

5. MailZilla.org It is a free disposable email solution for you to use. This temporary email can be used once, or as many times as you need. NO SIGNUP is necessary. When you visit this site an email address is automatically generated saved to your clipboard.

6. HidzzCreate as many in form xxx-name@hidzz.com Email ID remains valid for 5 days and you can access all your temporary IDs using your personal email address.

7. MailCatchIt is an email service that allows you to create temporary disposable mailboxes, in a completely anonymous way. After creating temporary email ID, go to MailCatch website to access messages.

8. Incognito Mail It allows you to create a temporary e-mail account that will last 60 Minutes. Enough time to receive e-mails that contain activation or download links, and to reply to e-mails that ask for confirmation.

9. TempEmail.biz It provides you with a disposable e-mail addresses which will expire after 15 Minutes. You can read and reply to e-mails that are sent to the temporary address within the given time frame.

10. DeadAddress It will instantly create a disposable email address that you can use when you need to verify registrations by email. After creating an instant email account you can check for new incoming messages by simply refreshing your dynamically created inbox page.

11. MintEmailIt gives you a four hour temporary email address. Your new temporary email address is automatically saved on your clipboard (no need to press Ctrl+C). All incoming emails will be displayed on this page.

12. Dodgeit Pick a throwaway email address and use it anywhere. Checkout the homepage for updates or subscribe to RSS feed to stay updated. Simple and very easy to use.

13. SpamGourmet Create a free account by providing your actual email address. Create as many disposable email IDs and have your emails forwarded to your actual email address. Another free and spam free email alternative.

14. No BulkIt offers anonymous email accounts (no password required). Whenever a web site asks for your email address, simply use our free you@nobulk.com. Then go to No Bulk website to check inbox.

15. Spaml It is an automatic disposable email solution where you don’t have to click. When you visit this site an email address is automatically saved to your clipboard.

16. Spamify It provides you with disposable e-mail addresses which expire after 60 minutes. You can read and reply to e-mails that are sent to the temporary e-mail address within the given time frame.

17. MailNullIt provides a free anti-spam-mail service to help you take control over your email. With your MailNull account, you can give out a separate temporary email address to every company which asks you for one.

18. eMailMiser It allows you to create as many inbound read-only email accounts as you like. Use these accounts once or continue to use them for as long as you’d like. The accounts continue to collect email message they receive for as long as they keep coming.

19. E4wardAfter you register for a free account enter an email address where e4ward.com should forward your mail. Create an alias for each of your contacts like liasusername.e4ward.com – its done.

20. SneakemailA quick disposable email address service to cut out the spam. Create a free account and start using sneakemail address to avoid all that spam.

21. Mail MeIt is an one-step disposable e-mail. Use Mail Me to get unwanted e-mails by leaving Your real e-mail safe. You can also use Mail Me Firefox extension for browser integeration.

22. Email Warden It is an easy to install, non-obtrusive browser toolbar which generates email aliases (Disposable Email Addresses) for you to use on web sites that require your email address to register.

23. SayNotoSpams It provides you with a disposable e-mail addresses which expire after 15 Minutes. You can read and reply to e-mails that are sent to the temporary e-mail address within the given time frame.

24. FakedEmailEach visitor gets an automatically generated disposable email address everytime they visit the website. Whenever the user gets an email it is updated on that webpage without any user interation.

25. Incognito MailIt allows you to create a temporary e-mail account that will last 60 Minutes. Enough time to receive e-mails that contain activation or download links, and to reply to e-mails that ask for confirmation.

26. PookMail It is a disposable email account system. You can use it to avoid giving your personal email address to suspicious websites.

27. MailinatorGet your disposable email ID in the form anything@mailinator.com and block the spam. It is considered one of the better and very effective disposable email service around.

28. MyTrashEmailKeep your private email anonymous and block spam at the same time with MyTrashEmail. Grab a quick email ID in the form yourname@trashymail.com and use it without worrying about spam.

29. Spam.laIt publicly lists all the email messages sent to various disposable email address @ spam.la You can view latest messages or use filter option to search for specifc ones.

30. TemporaryInboxIt is a disposable email address which doesn’t require registration and can be used to avoid spam. Use this email address in forums, lotteries, erotic sites or wherever. The spammers will never find out your private email address.

31. Jetable It provides you with a temporary email address. As soon as it is created, all the emails sent to this address are forwarded to your actual email address.

32. MailEaterIt provides free disposable email address for you to use. This temporary email can be used once or as many times as you need. No Signup is necessary and its completely Free.

33. SpamBox.usIt allows you to create a temporary e-mail address that will forward all incoming mail to your usual e-mail address. Simply enter your e-mail address and the life time of your spambox and we will generate you a temporary @spambox.us e-mail.

34. SpamhOleIt allows you to create a temporary email address; nameyoupick@spamhole.com. For the number of hours that you choose, all email to nameyoupick@spamhole.com address is automatically forwarded to your regular email address.

35. KasMailGet a disposable address from KasMail. Choose its expiration date: in a few days, weeks, months or never. Use the address. As needed: extend its lifespan, lock it, unlock it, make it or let it expire.

36. SpamMotelAnother way to fight email spam, download the spammotel and your are ready for free spam control. There is no need to change your current e-mail account because it is web-based.

37. ShieldMail It provides on the fly self-destructing disposable email addresses to confirm any verification without getting any spam.

38. Fake Mail Generator It changes the domain frequently in order to prevent the address from being banned, a problem which plagues other disposable email services.

39. Block FilterGet a custom temporary email address like i8aw6tew9p@newsups.com and stay protected from spam emails big time.

40. GishPuppyIt offers disposable email addresses that automatically forward messages to your normal (private) email. Conveniently create a different GishPuppy email everytime you register on the web, and individually cancel them whenever you want.

41. SpamexWith Spamex Disposable Email Addresses you can safely provide a working email address to anyone and not have to worry about whether they will send you unwanted email or sell your email address to others.

42. ShortMailShort-Term Disposable Email Account System. Get your spam free Disposable Email ID in the form anything@shortmail.net

I am sure there are many other similar free services. Share with us by adding a comment.



  1. nice article Davinder..add some more to his list check this out .. wiredcpu.com/top-temporary-or-disposable-email-services-which-needs-no-sign-up-or-registrations/

  2. Another disposable email site is dudmail.com – no registration required. You get free mail forwarding (with attachments) and a 14 day holding period for any incoming mail before it expires (and gets deleted =)

  3. TrashCanMail.com is free disposable email service – no registration required, no boring passwords and captchas.

  4. when it comes to free email, i found gmail to be the best and yahoo the worst ‘`;

  5. Thanks for this great articale this is one Disposable email site that we use emailthe.net the main reasons being is that its ultra reliable,easy to use and also its free.

  6. mailefix.com (mailefix.com):
    free (no surprise here),
    clean interface, straightforward to use (not quite the norm it seems),
    professional (even less typical),
    open for personal domains (circumvents) block lists,
    meant to stay.

  7. you can generate a temporary email with stop-my-spam.com its free and anonymous

  8. I use mailguard.me
    It has great features…like…

    It is also possible to set up a number of addresses in advance and specify that they lie dormant until the first email arrives. Upon first email arrival and address activation, then the expiration timer can begin. With this feature it is possible for a user to create a number of nice looking addresses in advance that may be used in printed or other permanent form. These addresses can be handed out when needed without having to manage the expiration properties. The expiration properties will not become active until the first message arrives.

  9. i am using wegwerf-email.net ;)

  10. trashmail.ws – easy & no signup

  11. You may also be interested in expiremail.com Its a free 15 minute disposable email service that allows you to send and receive emails with attachments upto 2MBs in size. No one else does that BTW. Its anonymous no registration required and if 15 minutes isn’t enough time to finish your business simply reset the timer. On a side note this service also lets you send emails anonymously. How great is that?

  12. Here’s a reliable one I’ve been using: mmmmail.com

  13. Bookmarked, thanks.

  14. Some in your list looks to be dead, do update it. Also I noticed Kasmail no longer accepts registration ? I don’t see the “register” button anymore. I love Kasmail it is one of my favourite.

    Here are 2 that I don’t see in your list pourri.fr & filzmail.com

  15. yopmail firefox search plugin makes things easy but is not intuitive. its not clear that you need to enter a email id to check that inbox. 5 days is a bit too long for disposable email address. mailinator’s inability to reply back is a drawback. My favorite’s still Guerrillamail.

  16. burp

  17. I agree with above comments.

    http://www.yopmail.com is the best in my opinion . it is free, reliable and multilingual service.

    I have been using mailnator and other leading services for a while. They have downtimes, and unlike yopmail delete the mails in few hours. But yopmail keeps the messages for 5 days.

    YOPmail stands out is being the most neat, quick, and user-friendly disaposable service around. Have used it for sometime now , it has never disappointed me. There si no registration required, and it can be used on the fly.

    It has some pretty creative options like widgets, and RSS feeds. furthermore, it is possible to switch between html and text view and to display all email headers.

    Also, one can choose his own username while composing a mail. There are a few domain names a user can choose from. Email aliases, and random email generator is also available.

    Serves all my purpose conveniently ;)

  18. Did you try this one : http://www.yopmail.com
    Good disposable email service too.

  19. You used my photo without asking. That’s called stealing.

    • @Tim Photo credit is already given at the end of the post. Still issue? let us know – we can remove your photo and your link from our article.

    • Oh my goodness, give him a break. Many people just copy and paste things from search engines however they like for cool profile pictures, etc, without a thought, most of them people that wouldn’t care if someone used their picture, esp if they gave them credit. I think you’re being rather stingy. Sometimes I think some people, if they hadn’t even known about “photo protection”, they wouldn’t go around with this righteous attitude about others “stealing” their things (stealing is when something is taken and lost anyway, for example, taking a can out of my room, I no longer have it), they’d not even think to yell at others for it or try to mob up to get some rule created. I think there are more important things to worry about, like actual friggin robbery. Sometimes I think people need a break from the computer to remember what actual bad things and injustices *are*, in the real world. Put a cork in that whine… sheesh…

  20. http://www.soodonims.com

    a site I use very effectively.
    you never have to go back , just use the emails, but O go back cause I like seeing who is spamming me. They show you all senders that came through an address.

  21. why don’t we use yahoo’s disposable email service?

  22. http://www.selfdestructingmail.com

    Provides temporary / disposable / self destructing email addresses that are valid for 30 minutes.

    You can view received emails on the webpage or subscribe to an RSS feed which delivers all mail received to that address while it’s valid.

    You can reply to e-mails as well.

    This is ideal for signing up to forums or other online services which require valid email addresses for activation emails without worrying about having your real email address exposed to spammers.

  23. Youmailr is going to be No1 ! simple a global player.

  24. @ Keshav & Geoserv

    Thanks for the stumble ride ;)

  25. This is something really useful. Bookmarked, stumbled.

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