20 dummy text, data & figures generator tips & apps


Dummy text or sample text is very important for web and application developers. They use dummy text and figures as test data as they concetrate on design and other important aspects of projects. Following are 20 ways / tools to generate dummy text (Lorem…) in few simple clicks. Here goes:



1. Auto Dummy Text in MS Office 2003 – Older version of MS Office has inbuilt feature to generate dummy text. Open a new word document and type =rand(p,s) and hit the Enter key. Here p is no of paragraphs and s is number of sentences per paragraph. For example use: =rand(3, 20) 

2. Auto Dummy text in MS Office 2007 – You can also generate dummy text in Microsoft Office 2007. Open new Word document and type =lorem()and press the enter key. You should see dummy text provided “Replace text as you type” feature under AutoCorrect option is turned ON.

3. Dummy Lipsum Firefox extensionIntegrate dummy text generator at lipsum.com in your Firefox web browser with this Firefox add-on.

4. Turkey Unleashed – This applications generates dummy text quickly in native languages. It produces HTML, plain text output and is available for OSX and other platforms.

5. Loren Ipsum at WikipediaThis wiki article explains in details origin, meaning and use of Loren Ipsum dummy text. It also has sample dummy text which can be used in your projects.


6. Blind Text Generator It is a handy web service to quickly copy dummy text in format of your choice. You can configure number of options like: number of words, characters, paragraphs. You can also customize font text, weight, size, line height, line spacing and alignment.

7. Lorem2 (basic version) It is very easy and basic web service to quickly copy and paste dummy data. You can copy short paras, long paras or short item lists, long item lists. It is also available in other languages.

8. HTML Ipsum (quick tool)  Another simple web tool to quickly copy dummy text of your choice. You can select among: long paragraph, unordered list, one sentence, table, short paragraph and much more.

9. Simplest Dummy Text toolIt is dead simple and easy to use dummy text tool at Speckyboy, just follow 3 simple steps and your dummy text is generated ready for copy and use anywhere.

10. Lorem Ipsum (different languages) – It allows you generate dummy text in different languages. Enter the number of paragraphs you need and hit the generate button to get your dummy text ready for quick use.

11. Generate Data (advanced version) It has number of options to generate data of different formats. You can generate data in HTML, CSV, Excel, SQL and XML format. It also supports country specific information for Canada, Netherlands, UK, USA to fill dummy data fields.

12. Typetester (cool interface) This web tool for dummy text has best interface. It neatly show different options to generate dummy text in the format you need in terms of font, size, spacing and other attributes.


Do you know any other cool way to generate dummy text, data and figues? Share with us by adding a comment and help us expand above list.



  1. So very nice generation tools, especially the MS Office tips, i did not know that :)

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