Create large dummy files on Windows

You may want to create a large dummy sample files on Windows PC for specific requirement. Dummy files of fixed size can be used to test data transfer over network. You can use huge sample files to over-write sensitive data on the hard drive. These can also be used to fill up USB pen drives

Dummy online banner generator tools

While designing and testing web projects we often need sample or dummy banners. For example, instead of showing actual live ad block of 468X60 you may want to use a dummy banner of same size during testing phase. There are number of online tools to generate dummy sample banners of

Generate dummy test posts & comments on WordPress blog

At times we need to test Wordpress theme or plugin on test Wordpress install. We need to manually publish test posts and comments or import database containing few posts. You can avoid both of these options by quickly generating dummy test posts and comments using Lorem Ipsum Post

20 dummy text, data & figures generator tips & apps

Dummy text or sample text is very important for web and application developers. They use dummy text and figures as test data as they concetrate on design and other important aspects of projects. Following are 20 ways / tools to generate dummy text (Lorem...) in few simple clicks. Here