Auto delete internet history in Firefox on exit

Clearing internet browsing history is very important to free up hard disk space and to keep your browsing details private from other users. Firefox users can easily setup automatic deletion of internet history files and private data. Firefox has handy feature that allows clearing of

Google public data explorer: visual charts & maps

Making sense of large amount of public data related to any human aspect like mortality rate, wages, population is very difficult. Huge volume of data makes interpretation and representation very difficult. Easing out this process is new experimental online tool from Google 'Public Data

Delete Files permanently: FileKiller freeware

By default when you delete a file on Windows computer, only the location address pointing to the file is deleted and not the actual file. That 'so called deleted' file can still be recovered using file recovery programs. To delete file(s) permanently, you need to delete its location

Portable tool to backup, sync & restore data: Toucan

We have already seen best free Backup tools for Windows operating system. If you do not like to install programs and still want to backup, then checkout "Toucan" free portable tool to backup data. It is a simple to use utility to synchronise, backup and secure data to any desired location.

5 Free Windows Backup software programs

Data backup is an important routine for any computer user. It is simple yet many of us tend to ignore it. Lose of data inspires enough to start backup (and sync) procedure for future data safe keeping and recovery in case of crash. Following are few simple and free data backup software

20 dummy text, data & figures generator tips & apps

Dummy text or sample text is very important for web and application developers. They use dummy text and figures as test data as they concetrate on design and other important aspects of projects. Following are 20 ways / tools to generate dummy text (Lorem...) in few simple clicks. Here

Analyse hard drive space in real time [Portable app]

It is very important to know which software, application, folders and files are taking up space on your hard drive. Ideally one can access that information in Windows explorer in very user unfriendly and boring manner. Make this more interesting and real time with Space

Save & access all copy clipboard data with Clipboardic

Wndows clipboard has limitation of keeping record of only last copied data. Clipboardic utility overcomes this limitation by keeping track of every copy action and resultant clipboard data. It maintains list of all clipboard activity which can be further used as per requirement. It neatly

See data transfer rate of hard disk, CD/DVD drive

HD Speed is a simple and useful utility to measure and view data transfer rates of hard disk, cd/dvd-rom, flash cards/stick and floppy drive on your computer. It displays both sustained and burst data transfer rates for selected device. Data transfer rates are shown in real time in a

How to prevent restore & recovery of deleted data ?

Just deleted a file and it went to 'recycle bin'. Then emptied 'recycle bin' and that file is deleted forever, is it? Well, that 'so-called' deleted file can still be recovered using specialized recovery software. So, how to prevent restore and recovery of deleted data? How to make sure

Monitor Hard drive for free space & Out of date Files

At times managing loads of files and their disk space requirements can take lot of time. You can make this process little easy with Liberty Disk Monitor. It allows you to assist in management of computer's drive space. It can monitor the available free space on a drive selected by the