Delete Files permanently: FileKiller freeware


By default when you delete a file on Windows computer, only the location address pointing to the file is deleted and not the actual file. That ‘so called deleted’ file can still be recovered using file recovery programs. To delete file(s) permanently, you need to delete its location address and file contents itself. Free portable tool FileKiller can easily perform this routine on Windows PC.

Delete files without possibility of recovery

1. Download FileKiller program, unzip the download file.
2. Double click to launch tool, it is a portable tool (no installation).
3. Click “Select Files” button to select files that you want to delete.

4. Click to chose the deletion method of replace file with: random data, blanks, ASCII characters.
5. Then click “Kill File on Grid” button, click YES on confirm pop-up and its all done!

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Selected files will be permanently deleted as their content on hard drive is replaced by random data by this utility. One simple way to securely delete important files without leaving any possibility of recovery.


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