Remove specific URLs from Chrome internet history

Just like any other browser, Google Chrome web browser store history of webpage URLs being browsed by users on the PC. While you can easily delete complete browsing history from Chrome, at times you may want to delete only specific URLs from Chrome history. Google Chrome provide easy and

Remove Duplicate items in MS Excel worksheet

Removing duplicate items from data in Microsoft Excel worksheet can take lot of time and effort. If you are using older versions of MS Office Excel 2003 or earlier, you still have to delete duplicate threads manually. However, in Office 2007  and above, you can easily remove all the

Restore deleted trash emails to Gmail inbox

In Gmail, any email message you delete is sent to 'trash' folder. Messages in trash folder are deleted automatically after 30 days or you can manually clear trash folder messages. In case you have accidently deleted an email message, you can easily recover and restore that message from

Bypass Recycle Bin to directly delete files, folders

By default, when you delete any file or folder on Windows computer - it is sent to Recycle Bin (unless you are using Shift + DEL keys shortcut). Do you want to directly delete files and folders without need to send them to recycle bin? You can easily configure such setting for direct

Shift & DEL keys send deleted file to recycle bin

Ideally, if you press & hold Shift key and press DEL key - files are directly deleted and bypass the usual routine of being sent to recycle bin. However, sometimes Shift + Del may not function this way on your Windows computer. Pressing Shift + Del key could be sending deleted files

Delete Files permanently: FileKiller freeware

By default when you delete a file on Windows computer, only the location address pointing to the file is deleted and not the actual file. That 'so called deleted' file can still be recovered using file recovery programs. To delete file(s) permanently, you need to delete its location

How to auto Delete Folders with no files data

Over a period of time computer stack up lot of folders that actually do not have any file or data. Searching manually and deleting them can be a real big pain. You can automate this process using cool free utility JoseDelEmpty. This program allows you to delete any folder that is empty and

Delete Program List items with Start Menu Cleaner

[For XP, 2000, 98] Is your Programs list menu full of useless items clutter? One way to reduce this clutter is manual deletion of un-wanted items from the program list. But this can be a time consuming and boring process. Start Menu Cleaner utility makes it all easy and quick in cleaning

Find & delete empty Folders & sub-Folders

Creating and deleting folders is a common routine for any Windows user. Folder Vanity Remover is a small utility that helps clean up empty folders. It detects and automatically delete empty folders and sub folders from selected folder or drive. It is very light utility with small size of

Recover deleted Twitter messages, lost tweets

Once you get on Twitter, addiction takes over and then starts the cycle of loads of messages and replies. There are times we delete few tweets or Twitter messages for certain reasons. In case you have been looking for an easy way to recover and view deleted tweets, checkout