Shift & DEL keys send deleted file to recycle bin


Ideally, if you press & hold Shift key and press DEL key – files are directly deleted and bypass the usual routine of being sent to recycle bin. However, sometimes Shift + Del may not function this way on your Windows computer. Pressing Shift + Del key could be sending deleted files and folders to the recycle bin. Following should fix issue of Shift+Del keys not working.

Why Shift + Del does not work

This does not work when following 2 conditions are true:
1. Num lock on keypad is turned ON.
2. And you are using DEL key on the numeric keypad on the right.

Solve & make Shift + Del keys to work

Perform either of step to make Shift + Del to work
1. Turn OFF Num lock key.
2. OR use DEL key that is not on numeric keypad.

If still, Shift + Del keys does not work – then issue could be with the keyboard. Check for the issue by using a different keyboard.


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