How to Open God Mode on Windows 8, 7 & Vista

UPDATE 1. This method also works to enable God Mode on Windows 8 UPDATE 2. Do not try this on Windows Vista 64 bit [read comments below] Windows in God mode? On first instance this looks joke but it is true and NOT A JOKE. God mode makes you true Windows God allowing you to access all

Find & delete broken shortcuts on Windows

Desktop shortcuts allows us to open application programs quickly on Windows. While installing software, a desktop shortcut icon or link is created on Windows PC. Over a period of time lot of shortcut icons are created (and some deleted) as we install and uninstall programs. We can easily

Open programs from Task Manager when PC hangs

Windows task manager can be used to rescue computer when it hangs (and specific program does not respond). You can kill or close any unresponsive application program / task from the task manager window. Further, to fully recover from unresponsive build up you need to restart the computer.

View full File & Folder address path on Windows 7

By default, address bar on Windows 7 operating system does not show complete address path URL of files and folders. However, at times we need to know full address path URL of specific file or folder. You can easily view, copy and save complete file or folder address path URL using quick

Sort folders by size on Windows

Where is all my disk space gone?, Which files & folders are taking up all the space on hard drive? - these are common questions that trouble a Windows user when no or less disk space message appears. By default, you can manually check size of each folder and compare with other folders

Disable video file thumbnail photos to show icons

By default, Windows will display thumbnail photo / image for videos files. If you have lot of video files in a specific folder, thumbnail view will slow down loading of video files content of a folder. You can speed up the loading display by turning off thumbnail view for video files. This

Create large dummy files on Windows

You may want to create a large dummy sample files on Windows PC for specific requirement. Dummy files of fixed size can be used to test data transfer over network. You can use huge sample files to over-write sensitive data on the hard drive. These can also be used to fill up USB pen drives

Disable CD drive Auto Eject feature

Windows 7 and XP do not have auto eject CD drive tray feature. However, auto eject feature in Windows Vista can be very annoying (specially if your PC case hides the cd dvd drives behind a cover). You can easily disable "Auto Eject" feature of optical drives on Windows Vista PC using

Delay launch of applications at Windows 7 startup

Do you want to delay launch or start of specific application programs at Windows startup? You can easily do this by configuring properties of application that you want to delay. Delaying launch of specific application allow other applications to load quicker, as they get more access to

Add new items in ‘Send To’ menu on Windows

Using Send To menu you can send or copy files from one location to other on Windows computer. All the items listed in Send To menu are contained in Sent To folder. You can easily customize and add new items, application shortcuts to the Send To menu by adding new items in the Send To

Change size of desktop icons

Are icons on Windows desktop too big or small? There are number of ways to customize size of icons on Windows desktop. You can resize desktop icons and make them bigger or smaller. Checkout following easy to use procedures to change icon size quickly on your Windows

How to turn Off DNS cache on Windows

DNS cache store name resolution information of websites you visit. If flushing DNS cache does not fix corrupt or bad DNS issue, you can disable DNS cache client service to turn off DNS caching on Windows system. This can be easily done by executing commands in the command prompt window or