Delay launch of applications at Windows 7 startup


Do you want to delay launch or start of specific application programs at Windows startup? You can easily do this by configuring properties of application that you want to delay. Delaying launch of specific application allow other applications to load quicker, as they get more access to system resources to initiate.

Manualy delay launching specific applications

1. While on Windows 7¬†desktop, press Win + R keys to open ‘run’ dialog box.

2. Type services.msc and press OK button.

3. Select the service whose startup you want to delay. Right click on service and then click ‘properties’ option.

4. Select ‘Automatic (delayed start)’ from drop down box next to ‘startup type’.

5. Click ‘Apply’ and OK button.

Use ‘Startup Delayer’ on Windows Vista & XP

You can also set time to delay startup of specific programs on Windows startup using Startup Delayer program on Windows 98, XP and Vista computer.



  1. That’s only for services, not all apps

  2. shashank says

    For the users who dont want to play any risj right there,

    you could use SOLUTO an app which delays all this with just few clicks

    hope soluto works far better with explanation of all on start events in cool manner :)
    i wish if you check this link out

    Do lemme know ur views:)

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