Windows 7 Gets Official name… it is Windows 7


Microsoft’s upcoming operating system after XP and Vista had codename ‘Windows 7’. Now, this is official name for the same. Here goes, “… since we began development of the next version of the Windows client operating system we have been referring to it by a codename, Windows 7.”

“… But now is a good time to announce that we‘ve decided to officially call the next version of Windows, Windows 7. The decision to use the name Windows 7 is about simplicity. This is the seventh release of Windows, so therefore “Windows 7″ just makes sense.”

All this was confirmed by Mike (Corporate Vice President, Windows Product Management, Microsoft Corp). He signs off by saying:

“… We are very excited about the opportunity to tell you more about Windows 7 in the coming weeks, and show you how we have continued to build on investments begun in Windows Vista to deliver on the next release of the Windows operating system.”

Windows 7 is a nice and simple name. It should be an improved version of Windows Vista or probably a balancing act of XP and Vista – lets see!

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