Delay launch of applications at Windows 7 startup

Do you want to delay launch or start of specific application programs at Windows startup? You can easily do this by configuring properties of application that you want to delay. Delaying launch of specific application allow other applications to load quicker, as they get more access to

Schedule boot time startup Virus Scan with Avast

You can setup boot time scan to allow scanning for viruses at PC startup (when computer is swtiched ON). Free anti-virus software 'Avast' has this feature of Boot Time Scan. It scans your PC before the malware or virus is activated, hence cleaning the system before the system is acutally

Launch Google Chrome with multiple homepage websites

Google Chrome follow many functional features from Firefox rather than Internet Explorer. We have already seen easy way to launch Firefox browser with auto opening of multiple homepages or websites. We can configure similar feature in Google Chrome and make it auto launch multiple websites

Disable JQS.exe process & free memory

We have already discused about JQS.exe process. It stands for Java Quick Start, which catches Java runtime files to faciliate quick loading of Java applets and apps on the computer. Being a memory hogger and used rarely by average computer user, you can disable this process and free up

What is JQS.exe process

There are number of processes that start and run in the background on your Windows computer. JQS.exe is a classic example of such process. JQS stands for Java Quick Start. As the name suggests, it is related to Java installed on the computer. A quick look at Task Manager show JQS.exe

Play random Sound audio at Windows Startup

Are you bored of listening same sound when computer starts? You can make computer play different sound audio each time Windows start. StartSoundRandomizer is a free application that makes this possible real easy. It allows Windows computer to play either of pre-selected audio file at the

See List of AutoStart programs at Windows start

During Windows start, number of programs autostart or autoload. Most of these programs are invisible and run in the background. Portable utility ASViewer allows you to see list of these autostart programs. You can easily check what programs are running and verify if they are safe for your

Measure & compare StartUp time of different applications

Every application software on the computer take different time to fully load for the use. Are you interested in measuring and comparing startup time of different applications installed on the computer? PassMark AppTimer is a portable utility that runs (executes) specific applications on

Delete or remove disabled startup item programs with MSconfig cleanup

Startup item list refer to programs that automatically load during Windows start. Using MSConfig utility we can view the list such items or programs (Goto Start > Run, type msconfig and click OK). It allows us to enable or disable any item in the list of startup programs. We can disable

Add new application programs to Windows startup

Application programs in Windows startup are very important. For starters, these program load at Windows OS start. We have already seen cool utility WhatsInStartup that allows you to see all the program applications loading at Windows start on your computer. It also allows you to enable or

Programs loading at Windows start, WhatIn Startup

It is very important to know programs loading at Windows start. While there is manual way of using Msconfig utility to see such details, everyone isn't comfortable with it. What In Startup is a cool utility to easily see list of programs loading at Windows start. It does not require

‘AutoRuns’ show super details of startup programs

Number of programs load during Windows startup. MSConfig utility can be used to see list of such programs - if you are hungry for more (super) details, tryout 'AutoRuns'. This utility has the most comprehensive knowle