Looking for Startup Pitch / Punchline for your Startup?

So, you are about to roll out new web2.0 startup. Hang on! Did you decide on startup pitch to catch attention of maximum people around? "... long invite-only beta local search desktop app that leverages the potential for exponential growth."

Open Multiple Websites when you start FireFox

Most of us use default FireFox configuration. When you start FireFox, homepage of ONE website opens up (as set in startup configuration). If you have set yahoo as startpage, yahoo.com will open up by itself whenever FireFox browser is started. Do you know we can open multiple websites

Speed up Windows Startup by Delaying it

Computer slows down after usage for sometime. This is a very common issue and more often it is the Windows startup that is causing the issue and delay. Interesting part is, one can speed up Window's startup by actually delaying it. Usually, when Windows loads, it attempts to load all the