How to Open God Mode on Windows 8, 7 & Vista


UPDATE 1. This method also works to enable God Mode on Windows 8
UPDATE 2. Do not try this on Windows Vista 64 bit [read comments below]

god-mode-windows-iconWindows in God mode? On first instance this looks joke but it is true and NOT A JOKE. God mode makes you true Windows God allowing you to access all Windows settings without having to click or hop between different dialog windows. You can open God Mode in upcoming Windows8 and existing Windows 7, Vista 32 bit and Windows Server 2008 (32 bit) operating systems.

Enable & Open God Mode on Windows

1. On your Windows computer, right click on desktop to create a new Folder. Then rename the newly created folder as:

2. Then folder icon will change to Control Panel icon with now name as ‘God Mode’ on the desktop. Double click it to open window as seen below.


It provide access to virtually every setting of Windows operating system. As pointed by lessthandot, there are over 46 different sections of settings. Ready to be GOD of Windows? [Published on Jan 04, 2010 – updated on Sept 30, 2011]



  1. Anyone tried a shortcut.. explorer.exe shell:::{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

  2. Actually, you can name the file whatever you want, the file is named whatever you put before the .{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} is the name of the file. So you could have it named Cake.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} instead. The name “God Mode” was most likely arbitrarily thought of by the author, though it does fit.

  3. You can access everything “God Mode” gives you access by default with an admin account, this just puts it all in one spot.

  4. Thank you for this. It literally saved hours of bouncing between windows.

    • when i create a folder named GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} the explorer crash
      very difficult for resolve that and destroy this folder
      can’t create a folder named GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} this cause crash when access the folder contain it (destop or other) on windows vista x64 :(

      • how did you fix? i’m having same problem and can only open windows in safe mode now.

      • please tell me how’d you destroyed that folder, my windows keeps restarting and i can’t use anything:(

        It was hard enough getting on the internet:/

        • To stop the explorer crash…boot the machine from a bootable disk such as ERD Commando or UBCD4 and delete the folder. You will need to navigate something like this…. c: to windows to user to “the user name” to desktop and delete the folder.

          I could not go into safe mode my self…But if you can…try renaming the folder.

          • I had that God Mode crashing errors too. What worked for me is: Using WinRAR, delete the GodMode file. Just deleting it from the desktop won’t work.

          • Alternatively, use WinRar to find the folder and rename it to anything with the bracket code, then restart explorer.exe

            (CTRL SHIFT ESC -> New Task -> Winrar.exe -> rename folder -> New Task -> explorer.exe)

            This worked for me.

        • You can also boot into safe mode with command prompt, then navigate to the directory where you created the godmode file. You will see the file if you use the dir command. Now use the rd (remove directory) command with the godmode file to delete it. Reboot normally, and you’re fine. :)

  5. It worked for me as well…very exciting!

  6. This is great….can’t wait to try it out on my computer.

  7. THE BEST EVER ITEM well on win 7 64bit

  8. It worked on my win 7 64 bit…thanks

  9. I agree with Ray Hooks above

  10. isiqualokiwi says

    this is brilliant…thanx for sharing…

  11. I hope you guys don’t believe it’s actually called “GodMode”… You can put anything before the dot, at your new “magical” folder (Yes, it’s still a folder) will be called that…

  12. Ethel Aardvaark says

    This does not give access to anything you can not get access to elsewhere, but it does make it FAR easier to find things. Windows 7 has taken a major step backwards with regard to supporting power users – this helps rectify the situation slightly.

  13. if you are like me and can’t read and are silly enough to do this on 64 bit.
    Explorer will crash, to resolve it:
    Do Ctrl + Alt + Del
    open task manager
    File -> New task -> Browse
    then go to your desktop in the browser and delete GodMode,
    then go back to the New task window, type: explorer.exe and hit enter

  14. Does this work on I-phones? I have an I-phone. Will this work on my I-phone?

  15. great!!!!!!!
    thank you

  16. yes it does I just did it

  17. ImmortalGenesis says

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. Every time I would plug in my ipod Mediamonky would start now I found out why and changed it….thanks again.

  18. Incredible. Where do I start?

  19. This is Awesome!

  20. Does this work without being an admin?

  21. You go ahead an try to sue MS for god. Since you are not required to use the software, good luck. Also there is no rights violated. There is a seperation of church and state. There shall be no state religion, that is it. That a way to be agnostic, can’t even take a stance to believe or not. Take a stance and don’t do a dance.

  22. If you have windows vista 64x this will crash your computer
    Since your just now reading these comments after you comp crashed
    press control alt delete
    open task manager
    File>new task
    then in cmd type
    RmDir C:\Users\xxxxxxxxx\Desktop\GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

  23. okay…. hahaha lets all laugh… okay now how do i fix my computer? seriously guys i need to finish this paper. i cant even delete it through command prompt without my computer going “explorer has stopped working”

  24. I’m an agnostic. I don’t believe there ever can be proof of a god or higher power.

    Therefore, I have sufficient right to sue Microsoft on the grounds they have violated my rights as a private citizen by introducing the “god” concept on their Windows programs as an actual utility to use in order to access certain Windows settings.

    Jeeem- (trolling the Internet lookin’ for opportunities to make more muny)

    • I believe you would be called an atheist then, not agnostic.

      • Anonymous says

        No, that makes him agnostic. Learn something.

        • No, you learn something. Not believing there is, was, or will be a God means you’re an atheist. Being kind of iffy about it, and believing that there could be a God but not really getting into it means you’re an agnostic. So before you go and be an asshole and correct people, make sure you’re right first.

          Oh, and Jeeem: grow the hell up. Go ahead and boycott GodMode if you’re truly opposed to it, but it shouldn’t even bother you that much: why should you care if something uses the term “God” if you don’t believe in God? Are they preaching to you? Asking if you have accepted Christ Jesus into your heart? Are they making you believe in anything? NO. It’s a FREAKING COMPUTER PROGRAM. They just called it GodMode because you are in control of all programs on your computer, almost like a God. So grow up and focus your attention on something more interesting/worth focusing on. There are plenty of other things to worry about in this world that are more pressing than Windows using the word “God” in a computer program.

          • Well, really, whether he’s atheist or agnostic depends on what means in his first line there. I interpreted it as him meaning that he didn’t believe in any God, but I suppose you could also interpret it as him saying there *could* be a God. I guess only he knows what he really is.

          • atheist agnostic says

            Theist – There is a god
            Atheist – There are no gods
            Gnostic – You can know god exists
            Agnostic – You cannot know if god does/doesn’t exist

            Atheist agnostic – There are no gods but it is impossible to know for certain.
            Theist gnostic – There is a god and the existence of god can be known.
            Atheist gnostic – There are no gods and we can know that gods do not exist.
            Theist agnostic – There is a god, but you can not know for sure that god exists.

            So before you go and be an *** and correct people, make sure you’re right first.

          • Guys…he was trolling. It’s ok.

    • That would make you Atheist.

    • GodMode is just whatever you call it. You make the folder be Puppies.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

      And the folder will be named Puppies and still work. So sorry, you wouldn’t win that lawsuit.

    • Sad thing about this comment is that its the idea, you honestly would go nowhere in court with this. the idea of god is all knowing and can do pretty much anything, so god mode has the same concept… have a nice day.

    • Good luck with that. Hopefully you spend a lot of time and effort on that since you’ll get none in return.

    • theres no such thing as agnostic, either you know God or dont. gtfo the internets.

    • You my friend… GOD mode is not implying to whether there is or isn’t a God…it’s a saying. By the way, it’s spelled money

    • They have not violated your rights at all. You have freedom of religion and that does not mean that they have to give up there rights because you don’t feel the same way. Just because they put God in it does not mean you have to agree with them. If you really feel so strongly about it buy an apple or do you feel that the apple is too closely related to the fruit that Adam and Eve ate bringing sin into the world? You don’t have to sue everybody for every little thing. If you look up God in the dictionary you will see that unless it specifies, God does not have to mean Christian God. You could think Tom Cruise is your God and could call him God for all I care.

    • AFAIK you are not obligated to use Windows, so they do not violate your rights, as you can decide anytime to not use their “offensive” software and go to use Linux

    • You may or not be referring to you’re rights located in the first amendment of the United States Constitution. I’ll save you the boring bits and tell you the bit you care about. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” Now, I believe you would agree that our government is not dictated by Microsoft. You have no grounds to sue on the grounds of having your first amendment violated. Now, you may have grounds on suing Microsoft for slipping religion into the operating system. However, it appears you can name the folder any name you want. Even if you could sue, you wouldn’t get hardly any money, if any at all.

    • Anonymous says

      Then try creating GodLessMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}, and suing this website. Microsoft didn’t give it the name God Mode, you did when you created the folder. MS’s name for it is ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C.

    • lololololol

  25. It’s just everything there is in the control panel but localized in an organized window.

  26. OMG thank you i will be passing this on WOW!!!!!

  27. bridgidpnh says

    I might try actually using windows again with this little tool in hand.
    I have dual boot with Ubuntu so I haven’t bothered with windows7 as it’s such a pain in the ##s.

  28. I wonder why they labeled this as God mode.

  29. Kai Waddington says

    Thankyou so much AceTek
    this had me so annoyed
    i was really worried that i wouldn’t be able to use my computer againg

  30. does this work on windows 7 64x?

  31. Godmode is a silly name…

    Advanced Settings.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

    Would be much better :)

  32. Why all this lies of not use it on a 64-bit computer? It works perfectly fine

  33. Great post
    vista: how do you stop your computer from going into locked mode after a certain time period?

  34. this is amazing. now if there were once for windows xp. i wounder if i would be able to access at school. lmao messing with the computers. you probably wont just get banned from computers like i did. this will probably get you kicked out.

  35. Previous comment is to repair crashing explorer after using windows GodMode.

  36. All you have to do:

    Open Task Manger, (hold CTRL+SHIFT and press ESC)
    Click file > New Task
    Type in CMD
    Navigate to where the file is at….this example uses desktop.
    In the command window that pops up, type “CD C:\users\’yourusernamehere’\desktop” (without qoutations)
    type “dir” to make sure godmode is located there
    then type “rename GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} “nothing”” (it’s faster to press tab after typing “god and it will autoselect, also, the nothing is in qoutations)
    then open task manager again
    Click File > New Task > Explorer
    The problem should be repaired!

  37. amwdrizz says

    Works on Windows 7 x64 Pro, no crashes no BSOD.

  38. Doesn’t work on localized versions (Vista HP 32bit German) :(

  39. Joe Gandalf says

    I tried this out on my tablet at work – Vista 32 bit – and it worked fine.
    Next I tried it on my home system. Got the same fkn Win Explorer problems others have posted about. Tried the Command Line del, still there. Tried the suggestion from Lou (Jan 20) and it was just like I had tried to delete it from the desktop (which is not at all). WTF? Is there something better I can try that will let me continue to use Vista? I hate u$oft, but that is what I need to use for the time being. (Restore won’t do it for me, either.)

  40. amazing, never knew this could be possible.

  41. You can create a new shortcut inside your Users folder “C:\Users\%username%”
    and use this:
    C:\Windows\explorer.exe “C:\Users\????\All Tasks.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}”

    (I`ve named my godmode file “All Tasks.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}”

    Now you can hit start button on your windows 7 and quickly type “godmode” and enter

    There you go

  42. It does work on Vista x64. Mine crashed as well, but I discovered that it had to do which folder this Godmode was placed in. In the root, it crashed the Windows Explorer, but in my Desktop, it’s fine.

    • it crashed my windows explorer, and i had to manually delete it through other profiles, is it possible to do it another way without my windows explorere crashing?

      • I created this file on a desktop in another account. now whenever i log onto that account it windows explorer crashes and reboots over and over. Also when i try to locate the folder in other accounts, whenever i open its location to delete it windows explorer crashes. How can i remove the folder?

    • I did it withought knowing the x64 errors. Currently running system restore. Does anyone know if explorer will not continue rebooting if I run sys restore? (crossing fingers)

  43. This is a great toturial! Hope you could do it on 64bit.

  44. Philly cheeze says

    OMG! Liek a God Mode!
    Nao I culd use mah windowze liek how i used 2 play mah DOOM! In teh God Mode!

  45. to restore on vista 64:



  47. plz dude DONT TRY ON VISTA 64BIT….
    u ll b fuc**d…
    if u have already done den here is a process whch i did..
    i noe tat u ll b getting loops of windows exp not wrking properly and it ll restast again n again..
    open task manager..go 2 new processes n open cmd prmpt..
    type cmd..
    tak all ur data in n pen drive or ext HDD from Main drive..
    n do tht only main drive is formatted n nt ur other imp doc drive..
    hop this ll help u..
    n if u have only one drive wit al ur data in it den ur definately fuc**d up….

  48. works fine for me so far I have Vista SP2 and the 32Bit version. pretty nice little trick.

  49. Lol I get the feeling a lot of people got trolled here. But seriously if you’re sick of windows’ crap… go try out linux mint.

  50. I have crash… what i do now?
    please help me :'(

  51. I have God Mode native on my OS… /bin/sh!

    (not a flamewar starter, just some humor!)

  52. thats why windows sucks….even when you try to add something to it to make it easier to use, it still breaks it….get a real Operating System. (osx)

  53. Great idea, but will this work over the long run?

  54. Here are the instructions for removing the GodMode folder from 64bit Vista.…om-vista-64bit/

    • @Chris: There are people who are having trouble getting rid of it? They must have no knowledge of the command line…it only took me ~30-45 seconds to fix it, and I’m not exactly the greatest computer user ever.

      Unless…does this also make you incapable of bringing up the Task Manager?

  55. I think you should remove this post. My 32 Windows Vista SP0 also created problem in explorer after doing this thing…

  56. It was discovered in Windows Vista called Master Control Panel… When I didn’t have blog….and posted on various Windows Forums.

    For any crashes in Windows Vista x64, here is solution –

    Windows 7 GodMode : Old wine in new bottle. –

  57. It’s not god mode, it’s the All Tasks Control Panel.
    It is a left over control panel from beta versions.

    It should be:
    All Tasks.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

  58. Ashdala Bootch says

    GodMode is just a name (I guess for marketing purposes or something). Try writing Dork Mode or anything before “.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}” (without quotes) and it will work. I named it Dork Mode because it is just a collection of shortcuts, nothing unusual or tweaks or something worth the word God mentioned… My 2 cents.

  59. what is Windows?

  60. barrel_smasher says

    Works as intended for Windows 7 x64. Just thought I should throw that info out there.

  61. Within minutes of reading this, it was a pinned menu on my explorer shortcut :)

  62. This effectively killed my explorer process. It was sent into a loop of “Windows Explorer has stopped working” windows and it restarts, only to have it repeat as soon as it’s done starting.

    • Did you ever get that fixed? Mine is doing the same thing.

      • what u need to do if have winrar previously installed go into control panel file-run then type in winrar.exe this will then allow you to use winrar to delete the cursed god mode from your computer i hope this helps

  63. You probably should mention that this should not be tried on Vista x64.

  64. Kaelan Cooter says

    DO NOT USE THIS IF YOU HAVE VISTA! If you do, it will cause an infinite windows explorer crash loop, which can only be solved by deleting the folder using the command prompt! THIS IS NOT FOR VISTA!

    • Allen Miller says

      So sure enough… I didn’t read the comments, and did it with Vista. I deleted the folder via command prompt, but explorer still crashes whenever I try to start it up. I’ve tried system restore, and ran checkdisc.

      Any ideas on how to get my explorer working again?

      • This is what I did, and it worked. Right-click on the start button, go to ‘open’, navigate to the folder where you saved the godmode thingie, but don’t open it… Instead, right-click and choose ‘explore’. Then delete it.

    • It does work on Vista, but only on Vista 32 bit. I tried it and it worked fine.

  65. It is interesting.. GOD Mode is Kewl… :D

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