Function ‘F’ key Windows 7 shortcuts

Majority of users prefer to move and click using mouse on Windows system. You can do things even quickly while performing basic routines using function 'F'  keys keyboard shortcuts. For the start, you need to memorize which function key perform which action on your Windows PC. Once you

Customize keyboard shortcuts in Skype

If you use Skype on regular basis, then keyboard shortcuts can save you lot of time and effort while making calls. You can customize and set custom hotkeys for basic functions (or actions) in Skype like answer call, answer call with video, ignore call, mute mic, search for people and

‘Create New folder’ shortcut in Windows 7

Keeping a handy shortcut for moving, deleting and creating files and folders always puts the user to an ease. To create a new folder, we have to right-click always and then scroll to New> Folder. Now using this sleek keyboard shortcut, we can easily create new folders without even

Shift & DEL keys send deleted file to recycle bin

Ideally, if you press & hold Shift key and press DEL key - files are directly deleted and bypass the usual routine of being sent to recycle bin. However, sometimes Shift + Del may not function this way on your Windows computer. Pressing Shift + Del key could be sending deleted files