Recover deleted Twitter messages, lost tweets


Once you get on Twitter, addiction takes over and then starts the cycle of loads of messages and replies. There are times we delete few tweets or Twitter messages for certain reasons. In case you have been looking for an easy way to recover and view deleted tweets, checkout Tweleted.


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Just enter your Twitter username (no password – that’s good!), hit the search button and see the list of deleted Twitter messages. If you are searching for very old, long lost tweets - they may not appear. This web app generally works for 1000 tweets or last 4 months, which ever is earlier.

Here is how it works, deleting a message from Twitter itself doesn’t delete it from other sites, including Tweleted works by automatically comparing the results from the main Twitter API with those from; anything that appears in the latter but not in the former is likely to have been deleted. Discover deleted tweets using Tweleted, interesting?



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